Punk 8-Tracks

One of the more bizarre artifacts of the early years of punk is the punk 8-track tape. There were no more than 5 years between the birth of punk and the death of the 8-track, and few companies bothered to produce them (Sire being the most notable exception.) There are few truly "punk" 8-tracks, but the numbers grow if one includes the associated genres. For the purists, I've separated out the proto-punk and new wave carts. No modern small-press releases are are listed, but some of the links on the bottom cover that. So far most of this is based on what I've seen on eBay. Other contributers are listed at the bottom. If you have something to add, please email band name, title, year, record label, catalog number and a scan or digital photo (if possible) to webmaster@collectorscum.com.


Proto-punk/Garage (Just a selection -- this deserves its own discography.)

New Wave/Art/Pop/Etc.

Special Reel-to-Reel Section!

Do the following exist?


Thanks: Simon Angling, Charles Bilz, Chris Bowden, Paul Evans, Brent Keneagy, Robert Moody, Jeremy Ogburn, Dalton Rasmussen, Kurt Sampsel, Michael Scott, Matt Smith, Mike Todd, Jerome Tomko, Gilbert Verser, and Vom Doom

Special Thanks to Alex Csura who is filling in lots of holes and providing many scans from his amazing collection.

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Last Updated: 08 April 2019