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Big Red Sun - Compulsion/Faintest Clue

Cat. # DP009 (U-30275)
Format 7" at 45 RPM; large hole, black label/silver lettering, Datapanik logo in block letters
Date 1991
Pressing 700 total: numbered (on back cover) edition of 600 black vinyl plus numbered (on innersleeve or back cover) edition of 100 on red vinyl. More than 100 colored vinyl may exist, as there is a red vinyl copy numbered 101/100.
Cover black vinyl copies are black ink on white paper, red vinyl copies are on light green paper, both versions not printed on inside, no insert
Side A "Compusion" (4:10)
Side B "Faintest Clue" (3:18)
Lineup Pat McGann - drums
Dan Spurgeon - vocals/guitar
Jason Sturgis - bass
Credits Recorded by Doug Edwards at Musicol
Mixed by Big Red Sun and Stephen Haynes at Amerisound
groove A
Musicol 105081 Compulsion Big Red Sun DATAPANIK
groove B
MUSICOL 105082 Big Red Sun (Faintest Clue) DATAPANIK

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