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Various Artists - Bumped by Karaoke: Datapanik's Greatest Hits Vol. II ("Maximum leakage, three chords and a cloud a' dust...")

Cat. # CDPK002
Format CD
Date 1992 (CD dated 2/92 around bottom of inner ring)
Pressing Edition of 1000
Promo Early copies handed out by Craig Regala are stamped "DATAPANIK PROMO"
  1. Girly Machine "Cossack"
  2. -- "Gun"
  3. Pica Huss "Feel the Real"
  4. -- "What Comes Around Goes Around"
  5. Greenhorn "Sassafras Tea"
  6. -- "Dreamer"
  7. Blood Family "Poison Pill/Peanut Jones"
  8. Gaunt "I Believe (in None of This)"
  9. -- "She's Got It"
  10. -- "Song for Suzi"
  11. The Boy Scout Love Triangle "Ann"
  12. Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments "Overemphasize"
  13. -- "You Can't Kill Stupid"
  14. -- "Edge Central"
  15. The New Bomb Turks "Long Gone Sister"
  16. -- "Spinnin' Clock"
  17. -- "Sucker Punch"
  18. G-Spot Tornados "Bo Weevil"
  19. Stupid Fucking Hippie "The Circleville Pumpkin Festival Song"
  20. Mike Rep and the Quotas '91 "Creature with the Atom Brain"
  21. Appalachian Death Ride "Harvest Moon"
  22. Monster Truck Five "30 Shotwell"
  23. V3 "Adam Twelve"
  24. Shepard/Cicirella "Game of Sport"
  25. Warren's 'Message'

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