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Girly Machine/Pica Huss

Cat. # DPAA07/DPAA09 (U-27913) or 003 (according to "fetish" sleeve)
Format 7" at 33/45RPM; small hole, black label/silver lettering, Datapanik logo in block letters
Date No date listed on vinyl or cover
Pressing Edition of at least 725, probably 1000 total (including numbered edition of 625 on black vinyl and numbered edition of 100 on red vinyl, at least one copy exists numbered "not/100")
Cover black vinyl copies with either "logo" design (numbered of 625, black ink on either white, yellow, blue, or pink paper, printed both sides, with at least 2 different designs inside on the Pica Huss side), "fetish" design (see below, only seems to be low-numbered copies, as #s 18 and 27/625 have it, but #52 does not), or "breasts" design (unnumbered, black ink on pink paper, printed both sides, inside same as the "logo" design ion the Girly Machine side, but different for Pica Huss), red vinyl copies with "fetish" design (numbered in blue ink of 100, black ink on white paper, not printed on inside, short fold over with different thanks list) but at least one red copy in a "logo" cover has been spotted, no insert
Side 1 Girly Machine
"With You" (3:00)
"O.K." (2:58)

Dana Marshall - drums
Bob Petric - guitar
Jeff Plavcan - bass
Andy Spencer - vocals
Recorded direct to 2 track @ Thornapple Sound
engineered by Steve Carter

Side 2 Pica Huss
"Middle East Song" (2:48)

Craig "Big Dad" Dunson - guitar
Joe "Pica Huss" Dunson - bass
"Junebug Slave" - drums
Mark "Loopus" Farmiloe - vocal

groove 1
groove 2

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