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Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - You Lookin' For Treble?

Label Year Xero
Cat. # 381
Format CD
Date October, 1997
Pressing approx. 1300, mastering errors will be fixed on any future pressings
Promo stamped "DATAPANIK PROMO" in red ink on back cover, packaged in a flat plastic sleeve
  1. Bottle Island
  2. Holy Moly (actually "Unholy Trophy")
  3. (conversation 10/89)
  4. Please Here My Plea
  5. Tornado
  6. Spasm of Morality
  7. Up For 2 Days
  8. Be Bop A Lula (vocal)
  9. Can't Kill Stupid
  10. Behind Every Good Woman
  11. Big Baby (mastered off a slow, scratchy record)
  12. We Don't Need To Do This
  13. Emphasize
  14. Edge Central
  15. Catharsis (mastered off a slow, scratchy record)
  16. Root Beer Float
  17. Five Year Plan
  18. Simone
  19. Turntable Battlefield
  20. No New York

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