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Various Artists - Ubu Dance Party: A Tribute to Pere Ubu (38 Ohio Bands Pay Tribute to Cleveland's Legendary Pop Combo)

Cat. # DATACD 2
Format 2XCD
Date 1996 (actually released 2/97)
Credits Produced by Chad Van Wagner
Manufactured and distributed by Dutch East India Trading
  1. Intro (not listed)
  2. Oxymorons "Honeymoon"
  3. Gary Lou Pico "We Have the Technology"
  4. Puff Tube "I Will Wait"
  5. Revellers "Heaven"
  6. Blue "30 Seconds Over Tokyo
  7. Cobra Verde "Chinese Radiation"
  8. Haynes Boys "Kathleen"
  9. Syrup "On the Surface"
  10. Vivians "Codex"
  11. Clay "George Had a Hat"
  12. Muzzle "Bus Called Happiness"
  13. Campfire Walkers "Modern Dance"
  14. Steamshovel "Caligari's Mirror"
  15. Sosumi "Humor Me"
  16. Flaming Telepath "Non Alignment Pact"
  17. Dock Ellis "Laughing"
  18. Supie T "Jones"
  19. Lord Burger "Final Solution (Slight Return)" (actually is just 15 seconds of silence)
  1. Cage "Goodnight Irene"
  2. Wax Tadpole "Turpentine"
  3. Scrawl "Go"
  4. Rainy Day Saints "Heart of Darkness"
  5. Brainiac "Petrified"
  6. Skullbank "Streetwaves"
  7. Quazimodo "Non Alignment Pact"
  8. New Bomb Turks "Life Stinks"
  9. G-Spot Tornados "Come Home"
  10. Kaj Mi Nuka "New Broom"
  11. Creature "Heaven"
  12. Satellites "Real World"
  13. Ass Ponys "Not Happy"
  14. RC Mob "My Dark Ages"
  15. Pet UFO "Race the Sun"
  16. One Riot One Ranger "Cloud 149"
  17. Girly Machine "Misery Goats"
  18. Honk, Wail, and Moan "Thoughts Go By Steam"
  19. Gem "Blow Daddy-O"
  20. Gaunt "..." (actually is "Solution")

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