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The first stop for triangle punk junkies is the great article by Sam Hicks at Perfect Sound Forever. Wow, nice work Sam. At the end of that article is a discography with a wider time range than this one. All I'm really doing here is filling in details for details freaks, listing a few new wave/pop records with punky band names, and adding another chapter to the discography of US punk on the web.

Had I been Governor of North Carolina in the late 70s I would have put a total ban on Beatles recordings being sold or broadcast in the state. The bad influence of the fop four on musical output from NC cannot be understated. Even the one bona fide punk single, the Village Pistols, has a goddamn Beatles cover on it. Anyway, what's done is done and what's done is now listed below.

I'm still looking for copies of all the records listed below except for the Flies, Happy Eggs and Peter Holsapple 7"s.

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Bad Checks Chapel Hill - I'm Paranoid / Hurting Is Love 7" Loretta 0001, 1982 PS Good roots punk.[BD] Also LPs in '85 and '87. I've only heard the second one and by then they'd maybe be called roots college rock, harder than REM for sure, but not punk. Stick with the single.[JF]
Th' Cigaretz Raleigh - Crawl Rite Outta My Skin LP Cancer 34796, 1980 (Crawl Rite Outta My Skin / Just Another Piece Of Meat / Beer / Fuckin' Up Bad / Skullfuggin / Apartmentalivin' / Scared O' Girlz / Fight Or Flight / Big Black Shades // I Get Nervous / Disposable Lighter (For Your Love) / Meat #2 / City Boy / Lament / Caffeine / Git Outta My House / Tuff Kidd) 1977-79 live recordings from a band that moved to NYC in 1980 and broke up a year later. Punk in the Detroit/Gizmos sense of the word, but still pretty cool. Silkscreened covers were done in many different color combinations. Most copies I've seen have a man wearing a hat design, but an alternate Godzilla design gives the title of the LP as Tuff Kidd. Copies exist with one front cover design printed on each side of the sleeve.[JF]
The Flies High Point, Greensboro - Nothin' To Lose / Midnight Queen 7" Starving Artist SAR01, 1979 NS? Nothing too special, the backing music is kinda hardrock, the a-side is almost salvaged by the slightly punky vocals but the b-side doesn't even have that.[HW]
Happy Eggs Charlotte - Wake Up / Rippy // And Sons Of Baskerville / Fat Man 7" Ovo 109076X, 1981 PS Also a terrible schmaltzy earlier 12" (You Can't Avoid Love / Blue Skies on Ovo).
Peter Holsapple of the H-Bombs ??? - Big Black Truck // 96 Second Blowout / Death Garage 7" Car CRR5, 1978 PS
Sneakers Greensboro - Ruby / On The Brink / Love's Like A Cuban Crisis / Condition Red / Non Sequitur / Driving 7" Carniverous #1, 1976 PS - In The Red 12" Car CRR3, 1978
Village Pistols Greensboro - Big Money / Strawberry Fields Forever 7" Nylon NX1, 1981 PS Last Laugh HAW-028, 2013 PS - Big Money LP IT Rave Up 0007, 2000 (Big Money / Strawberry Fields Forever / Strawberry Fields Forever / Please Don't Touch / I'm Not The Pop / Flying Saucers Rock`n'Roll / Hang Onto Yourself // Slow Down / 999 Emergency / Strutter / On The Road Again / Love Me Like A Reptile / Big Money) The Beatles cover is slow and dirgey, much like the sort of thing Killdozer made a career out of later in the 80s. Big Money (which can be heard on Killed By Death #7) is a great piece of punk rock. Read all about them in this letter from a band member. (Thanks to Ryan Richardson for making this available.) The LP is probably the least inspiring Rave Up release, the 7" plus a lo-fi live show.[HW]


- Why Are We Here? 7" No Core 306081, 1983
(Bloodmobile - Drug-related Death / Little Boy Blue / The Smiths / C.O.C. - Poison Planet / Indifference / Too Cool // Stillborn Christians - New Right / Fred / Aggression / No Labels - Changes / Compromises)

Originally a cassette which included tracks by No Rock Stars, replaced by Stillborn Christians on the 7".

- No Core LP Raw Deal, 2002/1982
(Colcor - Nervous Wreck / Out of Town / No Work / Long Fuse / Foreign Language / Darby's Dead / Kill Your Mother / C.O.C. - Skinny's In / Big Problems / Citizen / Rather See You Dead / Sheltered Life / Life's Cycle / Mad World / Redneck / Center Of The World / Accepted Pariah / Friend In D.C. / College Town / Social Disease / This Is Hardcore / Race Riot / No Core / No Rock Stars - Dirt On My Face / Too Negative / Thrash / Death / I Hate School / Stop / No Labels - HarDCore / Still The Same / Get Away / I'm Tired / Lifeless Corpse / Video Tapeworm / Brainless Shit / Missing The Point / Human Device / Klan Man / Mental Pygmy / LSD / Disarm Or Die / I Play Games / Chance To Speak)

1982 cassette released on LP.


Detonators Spartanburg - The Dance 7" Big Blast, 1981 PS (Don't Talk / Opening A Modern Art // Restless Kids / Passe) Farfisa modpop and ska.[CW] detonators Fanatics / Nervous Tension Columbia - Fun With Lines And Curves 7" Whirld Weckords ww-002-m, 1981 PS (Citizen X / Masquerade / Mutant // Hesitate / Model Modification / Where's My Shadow?) The backing band on the Nick Pagan 7" is essentially Nervous Tension. Nick left the group and formed a new band called the Fanatics. The rest of the band continued with a new singer as Nervous Tension. This is listed in Volume incorrectly as a 12" from Arizona.[BD] fanatics/nervous tension Nick Pagan Columbia - This Is Not A Test! 7" Outrage 10899, 1979 HS (Madison Avenue / You Are Nothing // I'll Never Tell / This Is Not A Test!) It was recorded, mixed and mastered in 6 hours with a gospel music engineer that I picked at ramdom from the phone book. I sold them at a record store near the University I attended and a few at shows of The Fanatics (the band I formed with different guys early in 1980.)[Nick Pagan] hard-to-find sleeve labels
Thanks to Ryan Richardson for the Village Pistols letter and to Chuck Warner [CW] whose great catalogues helped out yet again.

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