A.D.'s Albany - Living Downtown / Testing 7" Blue Lunch BLR101, 1980 PS - Alone Again // These Four Walls / Bad Girl 7" Blue Lunch BLR102, 1981 PS - More Than Once / New Year's Resolution 7" Blue Lunch BLR104, 1982 PS Living Downtown is good punk / raw rock 'n' roll. Second single loses the punk edge, plus covering the Zakary Thaks' Bad Girl -- one of the best punkers of the 1960s -- is a bad idea. I've never heard the third single.[JF] living downtown alone again more than once Ambient Noise Albany/Corning/etc. - I Was There At The Texas Chainsaw Massacre / Hostage Hotspot 7" Glimm 001, 1980 PS Inept three-chord, blues-based punk with a lagging tempo - more retarded than rocking (moustaches are evident in this band). A fun romp nonetheless. Imagine Weird Al fronting a 'luded-out Sex Pistols.[GM] there goes a nose Amps Millwood - Wall Of Flowers / Suicide Note 7" Faster-Fidelity FFR-R-001, 1982 PS Aunt Helen Buffalo - Big Money / Rebecca 7" Rock Starr R.S.1234, 1978 PS panties>watercooler Borrowed Flesh - All Night / The Wild 7" Lark Beat MCE106083, 1981 PS Cartoons Yonkers - She's A Rock And Roller / Who Cares 7" CPI ST-1, 1981 PS Last Laugh HAW-029, 2013 PS Reportedly this was a novelty/gimmick/promo single for a hair salon. Both sides are pretty solid punk rock of the Johnny Thunders school.[JF] Davy and the Crocketts Buffalo - Turn Your Back / Long Time, No See 7" BCMK No64, 1979 PS davy and the crocketts Distorted Levels Rochester - Hey Mister / Red Swirls 7" Nowhere 1, 1978 PS - Hey Mister / Red Swirls // Tar Babies: Rejected at the High School Dance split 7" Bonafide BF-7006, 1989/1978 PS Lots of garage punk influenced screaming and hollering from Greg Prevost, pre-Chesterfield Kings. The reissue is paired with Greg's slightly later and punker material - see the Mean Red Spiders, below.[JF] Hey Mister - original tar babies Enemies Buffalo - No Reason / Secret Agent Man 7" Enemies MC5625, 1978 SS - Capitol Idea / Political Sod 7" Top Of The World 001, 1981 PS - Products Of The Street LP Raw BPE666, 1980 (Products Of The Street / Test Tube Baby / Disconnected // X-Ray Spex / Degeneration / Deborah) Second 7" is melodic punk with a slight Clash influence.[BD] First single is a bit too down-tempo and restrained for me to get excited about it. B-side is a 60s cover. The LP is the best thing they ever did, with a rawer sound than the second single. Don't be scared off by the silly cartoon cover art.[JF] no reason capital idea products of the street Fems Buffalo - Go To A Party 7" SS-1061, 1982 PS Drag City DC396, 2009 PS (Go To A Party / Is It Living? // Order / Frustration) Crude, monotonous punk/postpunk, pretty good.[BD] fems Genetic Invasion - Clones / Preliminary Screening 7" Unreel 11561, 1979 PS genetic invasion Go Yonkers - Don't Take Her Away / She Gives A Color To Me // Instant Reaction / Tomorrow Night 7" Titlewave 1001, 1980 PS Great powerpop/garage pop.[BD] go Jumpers Buffalo - You'll Know Better When I'm Gone / I Wanna Know (What's Going On") 7" #1 J001, 1978 PS - Sick Girls / This Is It! 7" PIAS PI001, 1979 PS you'll know better sick girls Manikenz Kingston - I Don't Want Romance // Where Are The Punks / Living For The Weekend 7" Manikenz VR 8201, 1981 PS Hard-edged Dolls-punk.[BD] Brian's comment refers to the first and third tracks only, with I Don't Want Romance easily being the better of the two. Where Are The Punks is an awful ballad.[JF] manikenz Mean Red Spiders Rochester - Last Of The Teen Icons 7" Buster Bulb, 1990/1978 PS (Rejected At The High School Dance / Diabolical // Kick Your Ass Across The U.S.A. / I Got V.D.) Of the many 70s punk recordings that never got released at the time, this is one of the best. Totally raw and brutal. With at least two future Chesterfield Kings members, there's a significant 60s garage influence, but it's much punker than the Distorted Levels record.[JF] mean red spiders Mickey Mamp & Intro-Verse Dunkirk/Fredonia - Please Police Me / Teenage Crush 7" Cop MM101, 1980 PS Geeky power-pop. Pretty cool.[HW] mickey mamp Misfits/Tragics Albany - Mommi, I'm A Misfit 7" Black & White MCE73309, 1981 PS Loud Blaring Punk Rock LBPR01, 2007 PS (Pretty Boys / Laughing Lover // When I Was Young / Mommi, I'm A Misfit) I find the female vocalist's style pretty annoying, but "Laughing Lover" is ok. Band was forced to change their name rather quickly for obvious reasons, which explains all the copies with Tragics stickers. Stock vinyl copies were later packaged in alternate sleeves. Reissue is either black vinyl in limited silkscreen sleeve or clear vinyl in standard sleeve.[JF] misfits - no sticker misfits - tragics sticker Morons Albany - Suburbanite / Changing Days 7" Lark Beat LB001, 1981 PS Upbeat punk/pop with some keyboards. Not bad.[JF] morons New Math Rochester - Die Trying / Angela 7" UK Reliable GUM002, 1979 PS UK CBS 7916, 1979 NS - Die Trying / Can't Get Off The Ground 7" Archive 1301, 1980 PS - Older Women / The Restless Kind 7" Archive 1302, 1980 PS - They Walk Among You 12" 415 A0008, 1982 (They Walk Among You / Garden Of Delight / Branded // Invocation / American Survival) Die Trying is excellent powerpop, but new wave influences take over by the time of the 12". There is a rumored Japanese pressing of the first single. The CBS UK edition exists with both promo and stock labels.[JF] angela - reliable press angela - cbs press, promo only? can't get off the ground older women they walk among you Now Rochester - I'm Eating Off A Fashion Plate / Switchblades To Swizzlesticks (Ballad Of Larry Luxury) 7" Out Of Print 1102, 1978 PS Something of a novelty, but the A-side is very catchy funny punk.[JF] fashionably late Ohms Syracuse - Teenage Alcoholic / Chain Letter 7" Northside 703, 1979 PS ohms Penetrators Syracuse - Gotta Have Her / Baby, Dontcha Tell Me 7" Fred FCX10, 1979 PS Windian WIN 20015, 2011 PS - Teenage Lifestyle / Rock`n'Roll Face 7" Fred FCX20, 1979 SS/PS Windian WIN 20024, 2012 PS - Watch Out For The Penetrators 7" IT Rave Up, 2000?/1979 PS (Gotta Have Her / Baby, Dontcha Tell Me // Teenage Lifestyle / Rock`n'Roll Face) - Kings Of Basement Rock LP Fred 0, 1988/1976-81 IT Rave Up, 2000? (Gotta Have Her / It's My Life / Teenage Lifestyle / Stop Action / #1 Band In Town / Everybody Needs Lovin' // Baby, Dontcha Tell Me / Rock`n'Roll Face / Life Stinks / Shopping Bag / Drive Me Crazy / The Scandalizer) - Live At Kenny's 1980 LP IT Rave Up, 2003?/1980 Some promo copies of Teenage Lifestyle came in a stickered sleeve.[JF] gotta have her teenage lifestyle - ps teenage lifestyle - stickered sleeve watch out for the penetrators Public Enemy Yonkers - Jody / Instant Bus Reports // Discipline - Quiet Heroes 7" Illegal PRI-788, 1982 NS One punk ripper, one minimal synth instro and one metal song. The short 'n' sweet Jody is a great one...dig the homage to Jon Hinckley Jr.'s muse with Lost Kids style guitar.[RR] public enemy Rave - We Are The People We Were Warned Against 7" Modern Art MAR 8101 R06, 1981 PS (Typical Man / It's Not Very Hard To Do // Possession / I'm Not Your Whore) Each side is a bad, slow song followed by a good, fast song. I'm Not Your Whore is the best of the bunch: catchy, punky power-pop.[JF] rave Curtis Seals Syracuse - The Scandalizer / Christian D'Orbit - Drive Me Crazy 7" Fred FCX-30, 1980 Penetrators side-project. Seals is hot 50s style rock with sax and organ. D'Orbit is f-vox and punkier, much closer to the Penetrators' sound and the better track of the two. Some promo copies come in a stickered sleeve.[JF] curtis seals Secret Savior Buffalo - First Love / Somethings Missing 7" Secret Savior SS-1015, 1980 PS secret savior Spike Syracuse - Life Stinks / Brooklyn // No 1 Band In Town / Love Ya Honey 7" Fred FCE40, 1980 PS spike Storks New Rochelle - Finalee...Vinylee 12" Numb NB 0001/0002 1982 NS/HSS? (It's My Choice / Sexist, But True // Wounded Animal / Public Enemy) It's My Choice is good punkish garage/powerpop. Public Enemy is similar, but the other two tracks are ska influenced. Most copies came with a two-sided insert shrinkwrapped to the generic white sleeve. At least one copy, maybe a promo, has a stickered cover.[JF] Times Rochester - Atomic Blonde / A Television Reality 7" VHF VMNP-7246/7, 1979 PS Essentially the second Now single, under a new band name. Vocally similar to the Now (given it's the same singer) but with less of a novelty bent. Also see the Hudson Rock comp, below.[JF] times Toys Buffalo - Livin' Fast / I'm Tellin' You Now 7" Maxwell, 1980 PS Power pop.[JF] toys Trend Syracuse - Electric Chair / Band Aid 7" Trend 801108, 1980 PS - Batman Live At Budokan LP Northside NS1201, 1982 (Where Is Batman (When You Need Him) / Butler Did It / Giddy Up And Go / Zink Tabletz / Don't Talk To Her She's Just The Maid // Mommy Is A Jilt / Toy Section / Peer Pressure / Pop Star / Quarantine Teen) IT Hate 23, 2000 (Butler Did It / Giddy Up & Go / Zink Tabletz / Peer Pressure / Don't Talk To Her, She's Just The Maid // Mommy Is A Jilt / Toy Section / Pop Star / Quarantine Teen / Electric Chair / Band Aid) Archetypal teen punk.[HW] electric chair batman Verge Albany - Habitual 7" No Crust NC002, 1983 PS (Tradition / Understand // Picturesque / Hypocrisy) Great record. Often compared to the Embarrassment, for good reason.[JF] verge Vores Buffalo - Love Canal / So Petite / Get Outta My Way / Amateur Surgeon 7" Family Only BOP3, 1978 PS - Stress / Forget That Guy 7" Family Only BOP3D, 1980 PS love canal stress Wreck'n Crew Cortland - Give 'em A Fight / Radioactive Love 7" Raw WC5, 1980 PS wreck'n crew Various - 4 Now 7" BCMK EP001, 1981 PS (Pauline & the Perils - See For Yourself / Vores - New Aesthetic // Cobras - One Way Street / Stains - Of Life) 4 now Various - Buffalo Rocks Volume One LP Starstream BMC80110, 1981 (Teaser - Little Woman (I Want To Take You Home) / Mike Mazur And The Blue Collar Band - Queen City Bound / Secret Savior - First Love / Raven - Baby Go Away / Stress Fletcher - Susan Bannister / Benhatzel - Undeniable / Dear Daddy - We'll Be On Our Way / Cheater - Ten Cent Love Affair / Third Floor Strangers - Breakaway / John Hilliard Band - Someone Else's Eyes / Parousia - Miss Ogyny / Mike Mazur - Blue Collar City) Secret Savior we know. Parouisa is allegedly punk.[HW] Various Syracuse - From The City That Brought You...Absolutely Nothing LP Out Of Print OOPS-1, 1980 (Checkers - You Can Dance / Most - Rockerfeller / King Juke - You Can't Stay Here / Klik - Keep Me Outta Your Dreams / Targets - White Corvette // Toys - Jewel Jule / Killer Wasp - Rich Kids / Hi-Techs - Pompeii / Vores - Amazing Offer / Times - Rock`n'Roll Reds) Like many city-based comps, it's all over the place musically. It's most notable for the only Times track other than their single. Most, Targets, and Vores (who sound funky here) are the only other punk(ish) bands.[JF] absolutely nothing Various Albany - Hudson Rock LP MCE MCE123304, 1982 (Blotto - Lightning Strikes / ADs - What Do You Say / Morons - Gimme / Rockin Dakotas - About Girls / Fear Of Strangers - Sappy For The Guy / Hot Lobsters - Getting To You / Standing Offer - Carnivore // Verge - 1-2-3-4-5-6 / Weekenders - Powersurge / Extras - This Generation Doesn't Judge Anybody / X-istentials - This Heart Won't Let Me Go / Lumpen Proles - You Can't Forget / Capitle - Fun / Crude - Vacation / Young Reptiles - Cast Iron Arm) At a minimum, this is worth owning for the bands otherwise mentioned on this page: ADs, Morons, and especially the Verge. Extras is punk, but with corny lyrics. Capitle sounds like early Suicidal Tendencies. Crude is good punk, perhaps the best track on the record. The other bands tend to be new wave.[JF] hudson rock Various Albany - Live At 288 LP Lark Street AR1053, 1983 (French Letter - For You / Jeannie Smith And The Hurricanes - Ooby Dooby / Watts - Look At Me / Lumpen Proles - Worlds In Darkness // The Stars That Wouldn't Shine - Scream And Shout / Operation Pluto - Doggie Bisquits / Tragics - It's OK / Capitle - All There Is For Use / Reedies - Mirage) Tragics fans will want this for a live rendition of a song that does not appear on their EP. Capitle is hardcore/punk, but a slower sound than their contribution to the Hudson Rock comp, above. Nothing else here is punk.[JF] Label Discographies Archive 1301 New Math - Die Trying 7" 1302 New Math - Older Women 7" 1304 Hi-Techs - Boogaloo Rendezvous / Subscriptions (Are My Prescription) 7" (1980, f-vox powerpop/wave) 1307 Press Tones - Passion Or The Pain / Treat It Like A Scare 7" (1982, new wave?) ARE 1.4.5. 1.4.5. - Pink Invasion 12" (1981, powerpop) Fred FCX10 Penetrators - Gotta Have Her 7" FCX20 Penetrators - Teenage Lifestyle 7" FCX-30 Curtis Seals / Christian D'Orbit 7" FCE40 Spike 7" 0 Penetrators - Kings Of Basement Rock LP Out Of Print 1102 Now 7" OOPS-1 Various - From The City That Brought You...Absolutely Nothing LP ? Killer Wasp - Rich Kids / Pain In My Heart 7" (1980, pop/rock) Return to the Geographical Index Last update: 14 May 2014 Return to