Discography of Ohio Underground Music 1977-1983

Henry Weld

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Ohio seems to have been a perennial spring for weird and interesting rock and roll. The mid 70s saw a classic American band with a dash of art in their snarl, Pere Ubu, along with some other mighty interesting conglomerations. The essential reading matter to learn about these things is the twenty odd copies of Chris Stigliano's Phfudd/Black To Comm magazine issued throughout the 80s and 90s. A decent summary can be found in Clinton Heylin's book From The Velvets To The Voidoids, but who wants summaries?

Seconds later Ohio also spawned a genuine contender for best American punk band in the Pagans who over the course of four classic singles and an LP really put their state on the map. I guess that's the pattern for the buckeye state - classic punk but as an adjunct to artier activities. As a result I've taken a different approach here to the Texas discography of which I'm a co-author. Due to the considerable amount of other underground activity that may be of interest to some souls I've split the discography into two parts - the pop/art part and the punk part.

A few links:
A Cleveland punk site.
Smog Veil records. Starting a reissue program of some early Ohio punk - see the Dissidents listing and look out for Generics (pre-OffBeats) and Pink Holes reissues.

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The discography is broken into the following hopefully self-explanatory sections:

Art & Pop
Label listings

Extra special thanks to the usual cast of reprobates: Mark Shafer, Dave Lewis, and Brian Devereux [BD], as always is a great factual help and isn't shy about voicing an opinion.

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