2004 Update

Oh my god, it's the quadrennial update

Henry Weld
May 2004
Pictures of some
		   	    Version 7 - May 2004

This is a discography of Australian punk rock recorded between 1976 and 1983.
The idea is to provide a guide to what exists and what they sound like so you
can decide if you want to pay hundreds of dollars for them. There is some real
shit being peddled for big bucks out there, on the other hand some of these
are worth more than money.

if you want to offload any.

Cassettes are ignored (see DNA 53 for a list). No Radio Birdman or offshoots are
included and no post-Kuepper Saints. I've included anything Harry Butler lists
with a (1), (his marker for punk), except Mr Meaner and Terminal Twist, (both
of which are so...unpunk that they don't deserve comment) and everything Bruce
Milne lists (except as mentioned already and the Dagoes, Sunnyboys and later
Boys Next Door).

I want to thank two of the giants of supporting and documenting Australian
punk - Harry Butler (DNA magazine - 23 years and 101 issues and still going)
and Bruce Griffiths (ex-Aberrant Recs). Thanks to Marek Urbanski and Wayne DZ
for their help with information, tapes and records. Many thanks also to Bruce
Milne and everyone at AuGoGo, Australia's finest store by far. Thanks also to
Rod McLeod and Dave Holiday for help with Brisbane info, Cody Anderson for all
the Canberra gear and Peter Davie and Stan Armstrong.

Thanks also to the following people who have offered information, support and
interest: Richard Stanley and Helen Chalmers, Barny Stult, Peter Parzinger,
Frank Manley, Paul Routenberg, Jello Biafra, Scotti@Resistant Harmony, Steve
Hesp, Steve Green, Brian Devereux, Doug Thomas, Ron Smith, Kevin Blyth, Hiroshi
Sekiguchi, Ryan Richardson, Mario Panciera, Joerg Radzonath, Tim Fleming,
Andrew Johnson, Justin Frohwirth.

Observant readers may notice similarities between my words in here and an
article credited to Ian McFarlane in Prehistoric Sounds #4 magazine. Please
note the salient facts - I wrote this in 1993 and 1994, Mr McFarlane "wrote"
his article in 1996 with a copy of this discography in hand. My copyright page
may be of interest to magazine and fanzine publishers.

Henry Weld
henry at collectorscum.com
PO Box A1055
Sydney South 1235

This document is copyright Henry Weld 1994-2004. If you wish to reproduce it in
part or whole, electronically or in print, ask my permission first.

Harry Butler - DNA magazine, especially issue 53 - Australian Punk And
	Post-Punk Record And Tape Discography.
BGeorge, Martha DeFoe - International Discography Of The New Wave, Volume II.
Bruce Griffiths - Liner notes to Flowers From The Dustbin, Not So Humdrum and
	Why March When You Can Riot.
Ian McFarlane - The Australian New Music Record Guide: 1976-1980.
Bruce Milne - Australian Punk in From The Vault V1 No4 and V2 No1.
Out Of The Unknown - Brisbands 1976-1988.
Chris Spencer - Who's Who Of Australian Rock, 3rd edition.
Chris Spencer - The Various Artist In Australia.
Clinton Walker - Inner City Sound.
Clinton Walker - Australian New Wave Family Tree.
Chuck Warner - various Throbbing Lobster lists.

PS Picture sleeve           SS Stamped sleeve		NS No picture sleeve

ASSASSINS					Adelaide
Assassination / Suicide 7" Greasy Pop GPR100, February 1983 PS

Recorded "during the depression" in 1982. Assassination originally titled Kill
The Prime Minister. Suicide is Assassination backwards. High energy level,
a little sixties influence. Assassination also appears on an Assassins/UVs split 12"
(Greasy Pop, GPR100/152, 1989).

BABEEZ						Melbourne
Nobody Wants Me // Hate / Dowanna Love 7" no label MA7191, Nov 1977 PS

200 copies are numbered. The cover is a brown paper bag with a photo of an
aborted foetus (from an anti-abortion shop) printed on the front and lyrics on
the back. Some have a page from a Fantastic Four or other comic inside. 
Really great punk rock - full of enthusiastic playing and attitude. The song
structures are pop-based. Nobody Wants Me is a slow suicide ballad with
ringing guitar backing, a predecessor to Boys Next Door's Shivers. Dowanna
Love speeds up, well shouted vocals. Hate starts with a clarion and wave
sounds, crashing drums all the way through. Nobody Wants Me also appears 
(credited to News, who the Babeez became) on Missing Link's Inner 
Sanctum LP (Missing Link MLP3, 1979).

BLACK CHROME					Adelaide
Australia's God / We Are Tomorrow 7" Tomorrow MA7202, July 1978 SS

Lyric sheet insert. Whoever wrote the lyrics is a real poet. Understated
musically but let it grow on you and you'll be screaming "we are tomorrow"
in your sleep.

Frantic / Mystery (Solve It) 7" Savage Music SM3, Feb 1980 PS

Really fucked recording - the bass sounds like someone hitting a
cardboard box. Frantic is restrained, the vocals sound like early Sean
Kelly. Mystery steals all the lyrics from Venus In Furs and puts them
to a new tune. The first three Savage singles were all recorded on
the same day!

BOHDAN X					Adelaide/Melbourne
Time To Age / You Got Soul 7" Tomorrow MA7203, July 1978 SS
Fear Of Flying 12" Rumur RUME001, 1983
 (We Are Different / No No No // Son Of Sam / Fear Of Flying)

Don't let the facts that this is on Tomorrow, that JAB provide backing on the
b-side and that some catalogues call it a punk single ever tempt you to pay
more than a couple of dollars for this hippie shit. The 12" is of note since
Bruce and Cal Chosen Few play on this and Son Of Sam is a Chosen Few song, but
it's all kinda dull dirgey rock.

BOX OF FISH					Sydney
Sex Cat Killer / Erosion 7" Method MR10, November 1983 PS

Really great guitar underpins Sex Cat Killer but that first Bauhaus
album is in evidence, especially lyrically. Erosion is forgettable.

BOYS NEXT DOOR					Melbourne
These Boots Are Made For Walking / Boy Hero 7" Suicide 103140, 1978 NS
Boys Next Door LP UK "Missing Link" bootleg LINK77, 1988
 (Blitzkrieg Bop / Ain't It Funny / I'm 18 / Gloria / Masturbation
  Generation / Who Needs You? / I Put A Spell On You / Commando / My
  Generation / Big Future / These Boots Are Made For Walking / World
  Panic / Louie Louie)

The songs on the 7" are the same as those on Lethal Weapons. Boy Hero 
is new wave and it's a pretty bad version of Boots. The LP was recorded 
on 19 August 1977 at Swinburne College in Melbourne, it originally came 
out in 1983 on cassette. Maturbation Generation is pretty good. After 
these recordings and Lethal Weapons, Door Door was very new wave then a
combination of Rowland Howard and poppy products helped mutate the band 
into something bigger and better.

Another Day In the City / No News 7" EMI Custom PRS2890, 1981 NS

Pretty good poppy punk backing with Ozzy Osbourne style vocals.

But Jacques The Fish 7" EMI Custom 13355, March 1982 PS
			Hot HOT702, 1984? PS
 (24 Hours / Tubular Greens // Kent's Theme / Let's Get Married)

Can't stand the singer but this first release is really good and well worthy
of inclusion. Best later release is the Sometimes 7".

CHOSEN FEW					Melbourne
The Joke's On Us 7" no label MA708, September 1978 PS
 (The Joke's On Us / There's A Lot Of It Going Around / Adolph, You Beauty
  // Disco Tek Wreck / (Do The Manic) To Kill Or Maim, Honey / Terminal Rock)
Do The Manic LP Buckwheat Headlock BHP04, March 1998
 (Disco Tek Wreck / Joke's On Us / TALOIGA / (Do The Manic) To Kill Or Maim
  / Make Up Your Mind / That's Life / He's Waiting // Adolph, You Beauty! /
  Mercenary Of Love / Fag Trendies / Back Street Killer / No Fun On The
  Beaches / Slimey Characters)
A Root And A Beer CD AuGoGo, 1999
Really Gonna Punch You Out 2xLP IT Hate

Dig the Few!! Actually from Mornington, a surfie town south of Melbourne.
A world class 7". The band took their cue from Radio Birdman (Disco Tek 
Wreck is dedicated to Deniz) but the sound is killer 70s punk with some 
solos and instrumental breaks. The recording is lo-fi as hell.

CLUB OF ROME					Canberra
Jesus Wouldn't Like It / Germany 7" Club Of Rome COR001, late 1983 PS

Harry Butler lists this as punk. This is how I remember UK Decay sounding 
so I guess it's more gothpunk (not that I claim any knowledge of that 

CREDITS 					Brisbane
It's You / Fazed Dazed 7" Thunder Productions FV001, 1979 PS

Great 60s style punk-pop. Similar to the Survivors in some ways.

DAs						Sydney
Death City / Sonic Reducer 7" flexi ca1983 NS

Given away with an issue of 48 Crash fanzine. Death City is dull and it's not
a great version of the Dead Boys song.

If The Dentistry Is Right 7" Republic 13267, 1981 PS
 (Go For Broke / Adelaide // Tripping In Taree / Johnny Was A Rock Star)

Hmm, could use some guitar and choruses but the two b-side tracks are
decent if clueless pop punk.

Goodbye You Spaghetti Punks 7" Groove PRS2728, 1980 PS
 (Mamma's Recipe Feeds The People / Mamma's Table // Squeal Like A Pig /
  Fastnet / Lucky To Be Australian)

Squeal Like A Pig is good novelty punk. Lucky To Be Australian is manic 
nonsense, and something of a classic. The rest is good and bad Residents 

FUN THINGS					Brisbane
Fun Things 7" no label PRS2783, May 1980 PS
	      US bootleg ???, 199? PS
	      ESP Penniman, 2000 PS
 (When The Birdmen Fly / Lipstick // (I Ain't Got) Time Enough For Love / Savage)
Lipstick / Savage 7" FR Sonics SON09, 1986 PS

Words can't describe how good this is. Recorded February 1980 in one day.

FUNGUS BRAINS					Melbourne
Ron Pisto's Real World LP Max, no No., 1983
 (Hairbrush / Pasty Faces / Day Of Heat / Death Dance // Real World / 
  27 Steps / Goin Down / Car Accident)

As we move through the 80s it becomes harder to decide whether to include records. 
Is the "avant form destruction" practised by Bloodloss or King Snake Roost 
(to name but two) punk? Who fucking cares. Anyway both of those bands (and Venom 
P. Stinger and others) have stylistic roots in this record by two ex-Sick Things 
and some pals. This pretty great LP recalls the Sick Things and Birthday Party 
(vocals are very Cavey but that was no crime in 1983) in equal measures but some 
great savant saxaphone by Geoff Sick helps it rise above. More LPs in 1986 and 1990.

INVADER						Sydney???
Don't Blame It On Me / Anastasia 7" Machine Gun Rock 13084, Feb 1981 NS

Excellent, confident rifferama on the A-side.

You Make Me Spew / Shut Your Mouth 7" no label PRS2854, 1980 NS

A punk AC/DC.

Scab Animal 1977 12" Buckwheat Headlock BHP03, 1997
 (Living Like An Animal / Lucky Country / All That's Going On / Stuff Your
  Rules // Little Lord Punk / Aggro / Psychoanalyst / Blow My Nose)
Scab Animal 1977 CD Brain Salad Surgery BSS05, October 1996
 (Living Like An Animal / Lucky Country / All That's Going On / Stuff Your
  Rules / Little Lord Punk / Aggro / Psychoanalyst / Blow My Nose / Stuff
  Your Rules / My Generation / I Don't Wanna Work / Half Wit Rock And Roll)

First eight (studio) tracks recorded 1977. Next three on the CD live at 
the Grand 23 December 1977, last one at the Oxford Funhouse early 1977. 
Also includes interviews from 1977 and Greg Morris off DZ's show in 1996.

JUST URBAIN 					Brisbane
Burning / Part Two // Guns And Guitars 7" Savage Music SM01, Nov 1979 PS
Everybody Loves Just Urbain 7" Shake Music SM04, April 1980 PS
 (Hospital Bed // The End / Everybody Loves)
The Final Program 7" Shake SM09, 1984 PS
 (Goddess / In That Case // I'd Rather Stay At Home And Watch TV / Obsession)

Three fantastic singles. The band exhibit a curious range of styles: in Burning,
Miller takes on the character of Charles Spinkelink? in the electric chair 
and Part Two is taped radio reports on the execution over a drum machine/keyboards
backing. Then they put a pretty great sub-Clash punk song on the flip. Hospital
Bed tells the tale of someone lying in an oxygen tent due to failed suicide,
great guitar throughout. The End and Everybody Loves are both amazing, two of
my favourites of the era.  The latter is a comment on rampant Radio Birdman
worship. Both are examples of the Savage aesthetic - drop the bass, basic 
drums, gtr way way up. The last two songs on The Final Program were recorded 
as Just Urbain in 1980. The first two were recorded in 1983 and are credited to
Section Urbane which was some of Just Urbain and Wolfgang Kuepper on keyboards.

KELPIES						Sydney
Take Me Away / Second By Second 7" Phantom PH17, Nov 1982 PS
The Dungeon Tapes (Live At 51 Stanley Street) LP Aberrant BITE 1, 1986
 (Living In A World Of Fear / Love Is A Revolution / Rich Man / I
  Don't Know Why / Dead Meat / Underway / Brand New Cadillac // Life
  Looks So Good Through A Beer Bottle / Change / Die / Ride /
  Without The Pain / Naked Flesh / Television)

LP recorded 1981 at a rehearsal. Take Me Away also on Paths Of Pain To Jewels
Of Glory LP (Phantom PH100). The single is really bad.

KICKS						Brisbane
The Secret / The Return Of The Action Men 7" Shake Music 13248, 1980 PS

Savage becomes Shake. They still can't record a bass (thankfully) but they've
also turned down the guitar and the singer sounds like he's been listening
to the first Bauhaus album too much. Still a pretty good single - more post-punk
than punk.

KLERKS						Sydney
I Need A Pardon / Love And Pain 7" ViNil K002, 1983 PS
The Groove Tapes 7" ViNil VR010, 1985 PS
 (Love And Pain / The Rider // Fun In The Sun / I Don't Wanna Go To America)

From the far Northern suburbs of Sydney. Groove Tapes recorded live in
1979 and the first three songs are great.

LA FEMME					Melbourne
Chelsea Kids / I Wanna Be Your Man 7" Missing Link MLS5, July 1979 PS 
I Don't Wanna Go Home / All Day And All Of The Night 
				       7" 7 Records MS401, Aug 1980 NS
Looking For A Laugh / No-one Talks 7" Space 13201, Nov 1981 NS 
La Femme LP 7 Records MLS351, August 1980
 (Boys Next Door / One Of My Best Friends / Leave It To Me / Chelsea
  Kids // Doe See Doe / I Don't Want To Go Home / Filter Tip / It's
  Alright / Give It Up / Something Else)

I have never paid this band any attention figuring it was just poser shit -
just look at the back cover of the album. Bruce Milne says "For a while there
La Femme were probably the most popular punk band in Melbourne". In the
interests of Science I tracked down the records and they are metal-tinged
pub-rock at best. The guitarist is too "good", the vocals are very affected
and it's all very tame. Mr Milne, see me in my office.

LAST WORDS					Sydney
Animal World / Wondering Why 7" Remand RRCS2439, March 1978 SS and RS
Animal World / Every School Boys Dream 7" Wizard ZS196, Nov 1978 NS 
Animal World / No Music In The World Today 7" UK Rough Trade RT022, July 1979 PS    
Today's Kidz / There's Something Wrong 7" UK Remand REMAND2, Feb 1980 PS
Top Secret / Walk Away 7" UK Armageddon AS002, August 1980 PS
The Last Words LP UK Armageddon ARM2, September 1980
 (Walk Away / Top Secret / My Streets Of Fire / Games / Do It Yourself / 
  Semidetached Love / Today's Kids / Spectacular Times / The Stranger / It's 
  Alright / Every Schoolboys Dreams / Never Never Man / White Rabbit)

Animal World is one of the classic early Australian punkers. The version on
the first 7" is different to the other releases (a little rougher, and slightly
less metallic guitar sound). Moved to England in 1979. Rest of their records
are a mixed bag. From great pop-punk to metal-tinged stuff and some (but not
many) really bad songs.

LEFTOVERS					Brisbane
Cigarettes And Alcohol // No Complaints / I Only Panic When There's Nothing 
To Do 7" Punji Stick PRS2624, July 1979 SS
	 Dog Meat DOG036, not released
         Dropkick, March 2003 PS
The Fucken Leftovers Hate You CD Dropkick BEHIND006, early 2003
 (Cigarettes And Alcohol // No Complaints / I Only Panic When There's Nothing 
  To Do / Hermine / My Flash On You / I Only Panic When There's Nothing 
  To Do / Yellow Peril / Pills / 50,000 Jackboots / Cold Turkey / Cigarettes 
  And Alcohol / Dead On Arrival / Hermine / Circle Sky / No Complaints / Run
  Run Run / That's It)

This is a great record. The way the song structures come from out of nowhere
give some idea of the "what the fuck" aura surrounding these guys. Anything
could happen and it probably will. Pretty amazing cacophony. Punji Stick comes
from ads run in Brisbane fanzines (doesn't appear on labels). Some come in a
white sleeve with "The Fucken Leftovers hate you" stamped on.

Hindu Gods (Of Love) / Shakedown U.S.A. 7"
				 Lost In Space PRS2661, Oct 1979 PS
                                 US Voxx VOXX-45-1003, 1980 NS
				 US Voxx VOXX-45-1003, 1990? PS
Sockman / Pensioner Pie 7" Vi-Nil VLK001, 1984 PS [500]
Human Crash / Crush On You 7" Victor Mature VM001, 1999/1979 PS

Voxx had two pressings of 1000 each that came in different Voxx diecut sleeves.
The third pressing has the red "lips" sleeve. The Sockman single is recordings 
from Halloween 1978. The band moved to LA and lived below the poverty line for
a while - the live album Mesmerizer (Citadel CITLP501) was recorded there. Hindu
Gods also appears on the double LP Experiments In Destiny (Bomp, BLP4016/2).
Levitation appears on Inner Mystique #3 7" (Inner Mystique IM5801, 1984).

MANIKINS					Perth
Radio World / I Never Thought I'd Find Someone Who Could Be So Kind 
				7" no label SMX46904, November 1978 PS [1000]
Premonition / Laugh Too Loud 7" no label SMX46969, August 1979 PS [1000]
Love At Second Sight // Nuisance / All I Care About
				7" no label SMX55051, October 1980 PS [1000]
The Manikins LP IT Backstreet BS10, 2002
 (Love At Second Sight / Girl Friday / Premonition / Mean To Me / Hit And Run
  / Borrowed Time // Street Treat / Please Some People / Cancelled Eyes / 
  Center Of Pride / Popularity / Young And Restless / Modern Girls)

The first is good thin punk, a little poppy. Second has a real understated
Heartbreakers sound, nice but doesn't pack much punch. Third is better but
this stuff is really too mannered for the unblinking. Dave Faulkner
contributes to the second and third singles.

MANSONS						Newcastle
I Died Four Times (But I Don't Wanna Talk About It) / What Is Her Name?
					    7" Angelwood BS002, 1982 PS

The A-side is fine punkpop, the flip is more straight pop.

MARCHING GIRLS					New Zealand/Melbourne
True Love / First In Line 7" AuGoGo ANDA8, May 1980 PS
			     NZ Propeller REV4, 1980 PS
			     SCO Pop Aural 011, 1980 PS

Formerly the Scavengers from New Zealand (a much meatier version of True Love
is on the AK79 LP). True Love also appears on the Dogs In Space soundtrack.

MICROFILM					Melbourne
Centrefold / Window 7" Unforgettable/Missing Link UMS2/MLC4, 1980 PS

Centrefold is a great post-punk stomper. The vocals aren't words, she makes
sounds to go with the music.

(Well) Totally Me / Black Magic // Mystery Of Sixes 7"
					 EMI Custom 13359, 1982 PS
Something Mechanical / Black Banned // I Don't Know You / Skull In My Cave 7"
					 Sundown SUN0045, 1983 PS

Gruff punk with some good moments (Mystery Of Sixes, Skull In My Cave,

Jonestown Suicide / A.K.A. 7" Criminal PRS2708, late 1979 PS

Great single. Nasty does a punk vocal about the Rev Jim over a reggae
backing - "Jonestown suicide / a thousand people take their life / lemonade
and cyanide". The b-side is dull pop and the band devolved into the incredibly
fucked Young Homebuyers.

NEWS						Melbourne
Dirty Lies / Chop Chop Chop 7" no label no No, May 1978 PS
Dirty Secrets 7" no label MA7191, February 1979 PS
 contains 1-sided 7" (Dowanna Love / Hate) and flexi (Sweet Dancer Au Go
 Go / Tell Me Why)
That Girl / I'm So Confused 7" Missing Link MLS14, April 1980, PS

Dirty Lies had a lyric insert. Chop Chop Chop aka Fuck Fuck Fuck. News were
Babeez and the 1-sided 7" is from the Babeez 7". The flexi (very Ramones
sounding here) was originally to appear with the never issued Pulp 5 magazine.
By the third 7", they are moving beyond punk, I'm So Confused is an awesome
pop song. Everything by Babeez and News is fantastic. 

NUMBERS						Brisbane
77 Sunset Strip // Magic Castle / Rules Of Love 7" Able AB003, 1978 PS 

Fantastic pop-punk.

NUMBERS						Sydney
Government Boy // Private Eyes / Guerilla 7" Local 3, 1979 PS

Pretty good. I'd hesitate to call it punk but the first two tracks are urgent,
non-obvious, loud pop-rock. Guerilla is more wavey and sounds like their later

POPGUN MEN					Melbourne
Behind Dark Glasses / Modern Man 7" no label PRS2749, June 1980 PS

Ex X-Ray-Z. Despite the amazing sleeve this is dull new wave.

THE PRESS					Sydney
Rock Capital / Alcoholic 7" Laser 103446, October 1979
Fodder For The Critics LP Laser VXL14187, October 1979
 (Someone New Somewhere / I Think I'm Gonna Go Right Out Of My Head
  / Night / Out Of View // Rock Capital / She Wants It All / Walking
  In The Heat / Trapped In The Wreckage / Alcoholic)

Mostly bad pub rock with some sweet pop added. At the end of side 2 sit two
really fine punk tracks - Trapped In The Wreckage and Alcoholic.

Do That Dance / I Can't Stop It 7" no label PRS2746, Feb 1980 PS
Primitive Calculators LP Slow Drama/AuGoGo, PC-1, 1982
 (I Can Tell / Do The Icepick / Signals / Stains / Mud In My Eye / Beat Goes 
  On // Lullaby / Do That Dance / I Can't Stop It / Bake In The Sun / Shout)
Pumping Ugly Muscle // I Can't Stop It / Bake In The Sun 12" 
						Chase 650773 6, 1987

The LP was recorded live at Hearts, Melbourne 1979. Each copy of the LP also
contains a sleeveless copy of the 7". Drum machine driven, frantic vocals,
interesting structures, pretty good. Do That Dance also appears on Signal
To Noise Set Volume 2 LP. The later 12" single has two LP tracks.

New Blood 7" Method MR6, 1982 PS
 (Your Religion / Death Of Innocence // Punk Ain't Fashion / Subordinate /

Subordinate appears on the LP Sound Of Sydney Vol 1 (Method MET001, 1983).
There is little distinctive about this one. Really grating vocals and dull
songs but instrumentally it kicks along. Subordinate is the best.

PROLES						Melbourne
Police / Underaged 7" no label SF382, January 1980 SS

Bruce Milne: "The Proles were a short lived politico punk group that often
played on the same bill as News." They also shared News' love for pop. Police
is great punk-pop, Underaged doesn't reach the same heights but doesn't suck.
Sleeve is screen printed and includes poster insert. Also comes in plain
white sleeve with pasted on labels. Recorded December 1978.

Horizontal Action / Wild Weekend 7" Wallaby Beat PRS2551, Nov 1978 PS

The white cardboard covers were laid out in a room and a bucket of ox blood
thrown over them. Sides are labelled RH+ and RH-. Both sides are roaring
100 second punk songs.

Methadone Slave / SS Brigade 7" Sundown SUN0032, 1982 PS

Snarling punk rock.

Rock`n'Roll // Hound Dog / Golden Memories 7" Rock And Roll POL001, 1985 PS

I could do without Hound Dog, Rock`n' Roll is ok and Golden Memories is great.
Gruff, grungey punk. This came out in 1985, it says 1981 on the sleeve but
that refers to when the song was written and possibly recorded. Two later 
singles are abysmal.

Another Violent Night 7" no label SMX57805, May 1981 PS
 (Child Molester / Love Triangles // Pyramid Party / Nothing For You /
  Frontal Labotomy)

Bass player apparently went on to Skrewdriver. Child Molester, Pyramid Party
and Nothing For You are mean and nasty punk, amazing. Love Triangles is slower
and Labotomy is a riffing instrumental. What was an avowedly neo-nazi skin
band singing about complex financial schemes (Pyramid Party)?

QUINTREX BOP					Canberra
Effigies 7" no label 13005, December 1980 PS
 (Judith / Effigies In Plastic // Household Garbage / Royalty Sucks)

Absolutely lacking in energy. Royalty Sucks is passable.

RAZAR						Brisbane
Task Force (Undercover Cops) / Stamp Out Disco
				   7" Able AB002, September 1978 PS
Money / Self Destruct // Shutdown Countdown / Here Is The News
				   7" EMI Custom PRS2645, April 1979 NS

Pure adolescent energy, I rate the Task Force single the best on this list.
Task Force had two pressings - yellow label is the first pressing.

REJEX 						Sydney
Niagara Baby / Who Wants To March 7" Doublethink DTDT3, Feb 1980 PS [500*]
				     Little Axe ???, 1997 PS

Good but basic punk. Very thin sounding.

RELATIVES					Melbourne
Now She's On The Beat // Picasso (Private Collector) / Clock Struck One 7"
					      Red Ash RAP001, June 1979 PS
Uncle Theo Comes To Visit 7" Red Ash RAP002, Jan 1980 PS
 (Emotional Moment // Summer Holocaust / The Collector)

Picasso is good punk. The second has some moments but lacks energy and humour.

REPLICAS					Blue Mountains?
Wasteland / I Wanna Know The Truth 7" no label REP001, 1979 NS

A minor record to be sure but the b-side is kinda cool quirky punk/wave.
Could use some guitar though.

RIPTIDES					Brisbane
77 Sunset Strip // Magic Castle / Rules Of Love 7" Able AB006, March 1979 PS

Straight reissue (with new sleeve) of the Numbers 7" to avoid confusion with
the Numbers from Sydney. Later Riptides records are (sometimes excellent)

ROCKETS						Perth
Mean Mistress / Little Donna 7" White Rider WAS1, August 1981 PS [500]

Mean Mistress is pretty good rock.

ROCKS						Sydney
You'r So Boring 7" Point Blank PBR101, May 1978 PS
		   Little Axe LA001, May 1996 PS
 (Your So Boring / Damn You / Chaos // Kick Her Out / Too Bad / Hanging On)
You'r So Boring CD Brain Salad Surgery CD03, April 1995
 (Your So Boring / Damn You / Chaos / Kick Her Out / Too Bad / Hanging On
  / Kamikaze Twist / Migraine Headache / Mental Blank / Suburban Soldiers
  / Zero / Sewer Side / Pretty Vacant / Interview)

Incredible tough rifferama with amazingly fresh production. A record that
gets better with age. On the CD, tracks 7 & 8 are from the
Aberrant comp, 9 is from the Swinging From The Trees LP, 10 & 11 are from an
unreleased single I think recorded in 1986 or so and 12 & 13 are recorded 1978
at a rehearsal. The interview is from 1994. In the glorious tradition of the
original ep sleeve the CD is rife with spelling mistakes. The 7" reissue
reproduces the sleeve exactly except for changed record company info, it also
plays at 33 rpm. "Some reviewer called it nihilistic and misogynist, it took us
about six weeks to realise that was supposed to be an insult" - Peter Davie


Frantic Romantic / Shake (Together Tonight) 7" DNA SMX-46960, June 1979 PS 
Last Nite / Bet Ya Lyin' (Slink City Lee) // It's For Real / Pissed On Another Planet 7" 
                                  White Rider WEEP-1, February 1980 PS
Pissed On Another Planet 12" Timberyard SAW005, 1988
 (Frantic Romantic / Shake (Together Tonight) / Last Nite // Bet Ya Lyin'
  (Slink City Lee) / It's For Real / Pissed On Another Planet)
The Scientists LP EMI Custom HAVE-1(YPRX1835), August 1981
		  Easter ISLE1, 1986
 (Shadows Of The Night / Girl / I'm Looking For You / She Said She Loves Me / 
  Sorry, Sorry, Sorry / That Girl / High Noon // Teenage Dreamer / Another 
  Sunday / Walk The Plank / Larry / Making A Scene / It'll Never Happen Again)

The second 7" is superlative punk-pop. The first 7" is more rough pop ballad.
The LP was hurriedly recorded and has some good moments but doesn't really rise

I Don't Wanna Know / Lookin' On // Lovelite / Trans 43 7" 
						EMI Custom, 13349, 1982 PS 
Rocking garage punk. Thin recording.

SEEMS TWICE					Sydney
Non-Plussed 7" Doublethink DTDT12, June 1980 PS
 (Salient Features / Wish It Is / Non-Plussed / Side Effects / Column One
  / Warhol // No Clever Ideas (Absorption Retention) / Real Arafat / 
  Metropolitan Recluse / Look At It / Abrupt Alteration / Anglican War)

Really short songs with a big Wire influence. Great stuff.

SHEIKS						Sydney
New York / Ten Times Around 7" Standard SINGLE 1, 1980 NS

Ten Times Around sounds like The Ex (Netherlands) in their early postpunk
days. The band's other 7" (Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat) is Dylan/blues stuff.

SICK THINGS					Melbourne
Committed To Suicide / Police 7" Max Cass, 1985 PS [300]
				 ???, 1999 PS
The Sounds Of Silence LP/CD Shock 002, 1989
			    ???, 1999
 (Committed To Suicide / Can't Take No More / Dark / I Like Pills / 
  Crystal Ballroom / Good Citizen // Who Cares / Sounds Of Silence /
  Let's Go Swim / Paranoia / Police / Padded Cell / Headbanger)
??? CD ???, 1999

Recorded in 1980/1. Amazing records, just pre-hardcore.

SKUNKS					Adelaide
Scratch 'n' Sniff 7" no label RRCS3183, July 1982 PS
 (Dance With The Fuhrer / The Mad Song // Persian Radio / Violent Night)

Funny and good punk record.

Instant Classic 7" PRS2678, October 1979 PS
 (Deaf Disco / Deaf Dub)
Live At Budokan (3 Feet Behind Glass) 7" PRS2698, November 1979 PS
 (Cacophany / Mechanical Boy // Rhizome / Artificial Slits / Schizo

Not strictly a punk band, but some of it is damn close. The records are
amateur experimental sounds with a fuck you/don't care attitude and some
reggae stylings. There is an LP (Transformational Salts) which is much weaker.

CLINT SMALL					Melbourne
Crack In The Wall // Have You Got The Feeling? / Wyvern Parsons, Where 
 Are You? 7" AuGoGo, ANDA2, 1979 PS 
On The Fourth Floor // Daeng / I'm Hep Up To Here 7" AuGoGo, ANDA5, 1980 PS

Chuck Warner described the first as "monstrous Iggy riffpunk" and when I
went back and listened he's not far off the mark. Skillfully played and
powerful, good shit. On The Fourth Floor is another great song, not a
million miles away from the John Berenzy track on Killed By Death #3.
Daeng is 73-Bowie and Hep is mere power-pop. The first single has one
of two 3D postcards attached: one has horses on it, the other a caravan of

SPUTNIKS					Adelaide
Second Glance / Our Boys 7" no label 324, November 1979 NS

Sputniks became Moodists.This is wide-eyed pop with a suggestion
of punk. Second Glance is pretty great.

I Hate School / New Kids Army 7" Doublethink DTDT7, Jan 1980 PS
				 Small Axe SA-05, December 1998 PS

I Hate School is great anti-social riff-punk. New Kids Army is pretty
sharp too.

SUNDAY PAINTERS					Wollongong
In My Dreams // Rebel Rebel / Part Two 7" Terminal TER002, 1980 PS [250*]
Three Kinds Of Escapism 7" Terminal TER003, 1982 PS [250*]
 (Let's Be Moderne / I'm A Car Crash // Please Kill Me)
Something To Do LP Terminal TER005, 1981? 
 (Something To Do / For The Sake Of The Children / Be Objective / Paths
  Of Glory / Oblique Music 2 / Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Starb! / Flesh /
  Emotion Sickness / ECT)
4th Annual Report (Surface Paradise/Music For Riot Control) LP Terminal TER007, 1983
  (Flex / Sang-froid / God Is My Biro / Love Factory / Surface Paradise //
   Through A Shattered Lens / Imagend / Concertina / Confession / Re/flex)

If you think you can handle a punk(ish) version of Rebel Rebel grab the first
one. The second has a great JG Ballard influenced electropunk song (I'm A Car
Crash). Other tracks on both are (as Marek might say) for smarter punks.
Sunday Painters are a mix of Velvet Underground, Television Personalities,
punk and undergraduate semiotics. I've got their first 7" but don't feel like
including it at the moment. Both LPs listed have some fine art-punk moments.
I should also mention their amazing sleeves.

SUPERNAUT					Sydney
Unemployed / Exile 7" Polydor 2079 116, 1978 NS

Unemployed is surprisingly decent dole-queue punk by Australia's foremost
glam-metal band.

SURVIVORS					Brisbane
Baby Come Back / Mr Record Man 7" Real, RR100, December 1977, SS
                                  Suicide, 103181, June 1978, NS
Worse Than Perfect LP Grown Up Wrong! WRONG3, 1988
 (Midnight To Six Man / Somethin' Else / A Legal Matter / Daddy Rolling
  Stone // Come On Now / Everything's Alright / So Sad / Where Have All
  The Good Times Gone)

Who/Kinks inluenced trio. Single tracks are the same as those on Lethal
Weapons. Baby Come Back is energetic power-rock. The album was recorded
live at the Rex Hotel, Kings Cross, Sydney, August 1978.

TACTICS						Canberra/Sydney
Standing By The Window // Buried Country / Watch My Hands 7" 
			Folding Chair PRS2653, Sept 1979 PS
Hole In My Life / Outdoors 7" Doublethink DTDT9, July 1980 NS
Gold Watch / Standing By The Window 7" Green LRS 619, 1981? NS
The Bones Of Barry Harrison LP Larrikin LRF1134, 1983
 (Twice Remembered/Twice Removed / Running Downhill / Pulling In The Reins 
  / Quality Of A Holiday / Don't Lie About Travel / Arthur Lee / Noise 
  Upstairs / Big Sunday / Bulldogs / Centrepoint / Gold Watch / Mr. Rollo /
  7 + 7 Is / First Reggae / Throwing My Voice / Downtown / Equators)

Standing By The Window is an amazing song (though not everyone agrees with
me), it's sort of a speed-inspired nightmare. It was reissued as the flipside
of the Gold Watch 7". The Doublethink 7" is probably of little interest to most
punk collectors, it's in the style of their first LP (My Houdini) - strange
inventive rock. The Bones... is live tracks from 1979-83 and has some good
things on side two but it's hard to say if the goodness comes from the songs or
their extreme low fidelity (I'm leaning toward the latter). Tactics had a long
and distinguished career, playing up until 1990 or so. Certainly one of the
better, more daring and original Sydney bands of the 80s. There are plenty of
other singles and LPs which are good but not punk.

Wanna Be Ya Baby / Sweet Boredom 7" Suicide 103139, 1978 NS

Wanna Be Ya Baby is very similar to the Vibrator's Baby Baby. Sweet
Boredom is ok punk - good chorus at least.

TENANTS						Sydney
Don't Blame Me / Sporting Life 7" Tenants TRS001, 1979 NS

Sydney band with Canberran ties, this is fairly traditional rock with
slight punk leanings (and some truly ugly chord changes on Don't Blame Me).
After repeated listenings it's a really good record.

Hilton Bomber 7" Doublethink DTDT1, June 1978 PS
 (Hilton Bomber / I Won't Pay (For Punk Records) // Fun / O Bleak TV)
Food For Thoughtcrimes 7" Doublethink, DTDT2, October 1979 PS
 (More Suicides Please / The Cut Out Man / Delay-Response: Action 
  // So All The Heroes / Stolen Air)
Edge Of Time / Equidistance 7" Doublethink DTDT10, July 1980 PS
Land Of The Living Room / Oceania Oceania one-sided 7"
				  no label PRS13000, August 1980 SS
Speed.Madness..Flying Saucers... LP Doublethink DTDT8, March 1980
 (Lonely Ones / The Orphan / Confusion / Victims Of Today / Fuck The
  Neighbours / The Innocent // Victory / We Promise You / OK767 / Fun
  / Oceania Oceania) 

The first LP and first two 7"s are great. The Edge Of Time 7" is still ok 
if you like their (later) idiosyncratic sound. The 1-sided 7" is live and
was a gig giveaway and is good. There is a second album which is extremely

TRANS 262					Sydney
Don't Hold Me Down / Never Ending // Ice Trip / Happy 7"
						EMI Custom 13174, 1981 PS

Tony Gibson - gtr; Andy Newman - bs,kbd; Ally Marr - dr; Mark Roxburgh - voc
(and "wanking" apparently). Side A, the "Rough" side, is decent Radio Birdman
and Fun Things style rocking. The flip is Kill City Iggy-stylings (Ice Trip)
and, gulp, New Values Iggy-stylings (Happy).

U-BOMBS					Adelaide
Give Me A Medal // The New And Improved / (What's) Your Problem? 7" 
				Radioactive PRS2584, December 1978 PS [500]

More like late 70s plod-rock than punk.

ULSERS						Adelaide
Remember Them 7" EMI Custom 13059, Nov 1981 PS
 (Cabaret / Radio // Julius Sumner Miller / I'm An Italian)

Like a cross between the Legendary Stardust Cowboy and the second Slugfuckers
record - charming stuff; one-chord acoustic guitar, sax, harmonica and lots of
shouted vocals. I'm An Italian is pretty cool.

This Is Space / Buy A Car 7" Doublethink DTDT13, 1980 PS

Really dull trad-rock.

UPSETS					Brisbane
Back To Afghanistan / Heartattack 7" no label PRS2899, 1981 NS

Along with Johnny Demon this is the most ridiculously unheard 7" of the era.
Amateur playing and recording, totally great. From Ipswich.

VACANT LOT					Canberra
Living Underground 7" Doublethink 13055, 1981 PS
 (Tattslotto Night / Milk The Land Of Its Honey // She's Really Dead / 

Tattslotto Night is great angry punk. She's Really Dead sounds very like
the first PiL album and Multinationals is another good punk track.

Buzzsaw Popstar // Gothic School Of Twilight Punk / Rubber Sex (This Way)
 / Rubber Sex (That Way) / Freaks 7" Sundown SUN0078, 1983 PS
				     Axe AXE1, 1987 PS
Sweetheart's Blown Mindless / Long Awaited Justice 7" Rubber 13598, 1984 PS
Buzzsaw Popstar // Sweethearts Blown Mindless / Long Awaited Justice 12"
					         no label YPRX2369, 1984

First is a good glam-punk single (dedicated to T-Rex and Generation X).
Second is more Raw Power sounding. Pretty much hated in their hometown.

VICTIMS						Perth
Television Addict / (I'm) Flipped Out Over You 7"
			no label MX46813/4, April 1978 PS
			US bootleg, 1992 PS
I Understand / Open Your Eyes / High School Girls // TV Freak / Disco 
 Junkies 7" no label SMX46871/2, September 1978 PS
All Loud On The Western Front LP Timberyard SAW006, 1989
 (Television Addict / Flipped Out Over You / High School Girls/ TV Freak 
  // I Understand / Open Your Eyes / Perth Is A Culture Shock / Disco

With hindsight we know Flick (Hoodoo Gurus) is a stylistic whore, but he
does it really well. So there are eight rip-roaring songs from his punk phase
that none of you should be without. Television Addict also appears on Missing 
Link's Inner Sanctum LP (Missing Link MLP3, 1979).

HENRY VYHNAL					Melbourne
Wake Up Tania / Punk Power 7" Corporate CHS607, June 1979 PS (actually an insert)

Punk Power is good, the a-side won't appeal to too many punk rockers though.
Bruce Milne explains he played violin with News and though he was old school
he was trying to keep a foot in both camps.

WWXXIV						Sydney
Azaria / Y Bother 7" Eyebrow 13445, Feb 1983 PS

Fantastic. Both sides appeared on their Aberrant album.

X						Sydney
I Don't Wanna Go Out / Waiting 7" X, PRS2721, February 1980, NS
Mother / Half Way Round The World 7" X, 13639, 1984, NS
X-Aspirations LP X YPRX1645, February 1980
 (Suck Suck / Present / Simulated Lovers / Police / Revolution / Turn My 
  Head / Good On Ya Baby // Delinquent Cars / I Don't Wanna Go Out / 
  Dipstick / It Must Be Me / Coat Of Green / Waiting / Batman) 
X-Aspirations LP Ultimate ULP003, 1989
 (Mother / Suck Suck / Present / Simulated Lovers / Police / Revolution / 
  Turn My Head / Good On Ya Baby // Delinquent Cars / I Don't Wanna Go Out
  / Dipstick / It Must Be Me / Coat Of Green / Waiting / Batman)
At Home With You LP Major MRLP002, 1985
 (The Feel / TV Glue / Movin' On / Half Way Round The World / You Really 
  Don't Care / Degenerate Boy / All Over Now / At Home With You / Going 
  Crazy / Oxford Street Nick / Don't Cry No Tears / She's Gone)
Live At The Civic 1979 LP Dropkick, BEHIND016, 2001
 (Infamy / Fuckin' Rockin' / Dipstick / All Over Now / Degenerate Boy /
  Dream Baby / Hey You / Not Fade Away / Didn't Wanna Do It / I Don't Wanna
  Go Out / That's Not Nice / Runaway / Slash Ya Wrists)

X-Aspirations CD Amphetamine Reptile AMREPCD13??, 1993, US
At Home With You CD Dog Meat ???, 1993 (never released)
 (The Feel / TV Glue / Movin' On / Half Way Round The World / You Really 
  Don't Care / Degenerate Boy / All Over Now / At Home With You / Going 
  Crazy / Oxford Street Nick / Don't Cry No Tears / She's Gone / Home Is 
  Where The Floor Is / Hate City / Good On Ya Baby / TV Cabaret Roll)

Heavy, hard trio - this should make you want to forget their lightweight
namesake from Los Angeles. Extra tracks on the Dog Meat CD are from 1978.

X-L CAPRIS					Sydney
My City Of Sydney / Dead Budgies 7" Axle 101, January 1980 SS

X-L Capris were horribly new wave but on this single they managed a great punk
version of a song which was used to close a TV station each night. They had
three more singles and two LPs.

X-RAY-Z						Melbourne
Poor Image // Sledgehammer Hit / Citizen John 7" 
					Mushroom K6951, November 1977 RS
X-Ray-Z LP Polyester LUV7, 1988
 (Poor Image / 69 Positions Of Cassanova / Citizen John / Another Dream /
  Friends Of Jack Thompson / Three More Glorious Years / Sledgehammer Hit
   // Video Nights / The Men In My Life / Winters That Never End)

If you have the (mostly good) songs on Lethal Weapons and the passable single
you've got all you need. The rest is sub-Skyhooks drivel.

Positive Thinking (Negative Reaction) // Convulsions (Let's All Have) / 
 Mass Appeal 7" Savage SM2, November 1979 PS
New Trends // Instant Feelings / Threats 7" Shake SM5, April 1980 PS

Nasty snotty punk. Both great but the New Trends ep especially so. Convulsions
titled Convolutions on the sleeve.

Z-CARS						Melbourne
Is There Someone Out There? / Girls Aren't Just Girls 7" 
				AuGoGo ANDA8, August 1980 PS
Average pop-punk.

ZORROS						Melbourne
Too Young / Let Me Love You 7" AuGoGo ANDA16, November 1981 PS

Great pop-punk, especially Too Young. Let Me... is slower.


AT THE SOLICITOR'S REQUEST - LP, Rubber, 001, 1985 No Complaints - Leftovers, I'd Rather Stay At Home And Watch TV - Just Urbain, SS Brigade - Public Execution, Black Banned - Mystery Of Sixes, Threats - Young Identities, In Fear Of God - Kicks, Task Force - Razar // Buzzsaw Popstar - Vampire Lovers, Burning Angels - Strange Glory, Fly Trap - Prince Of Weasels, Time For Truth - Vacant Rooms, Hacksaw - Dementia 13, My Confession - The End The Kicks track recorded in 1982, all the others from the singles listed above. Other tracks are by Brisbane bands of 1984/5 vintage. The LP was actually titled At The Fuhrer's Request but legal advice had them adding stickers over Fuhrer saying Solicitor. BACK TO FRONT VOLUME 1 LP DE Incognito INC043, 1993 Stamp Out Disco - Razar, My City Of Sydney - XL Capris, Nothing For You - Quick and The Dead, Adolph You Beauty - Chosen Few. BACK TO FRONT VOLUME 2 LP DE Incognito INC047, Sept 1993 Hilton Bomber - Thought Criminals BACK TO FRONT VOLUME 3 LP DE Incognito INC0??, March 1994 I Never Thought I'd Find Someone Who Could Be So Kind - Manikins, Cigarettes And Alcohol - Leftovers BACK TO FRONT VOLUME 4 LP DE Incognito INC0??, May 1994 You'r So Boring - Rocks, Chop Chop Chop - News BACK TO FRONT VOLUME 5 LP/CD DE Incognito INC064, December 1994 Sunset Strip - The Numbers BACK TO FRONT VOLUME 6 LP/CD DE Incognito INC076, August 1995 Too Young - Zorros, Kent's Theme - Celibate Rifles BREAK THE RULES VOLUME 7 LP DE Insekten INSECT07, December 1996 New Trends - Young Identities BREAK THE RULES VOLUME 8 LP DE Insekten, August 1997 Part Two, Burning - Just Urbain CANBERRA CALLING 7" Dull PRS2756, MAY 1980 PS Quintrex Bop, Young Docteurs, No Concept, Naturals I've never heard this but the lineup of bands doesn't inspire confidence. EAT YOUR HEAD 2x12" Greville GR-4, 1984 Civil Dissident, Vicious Circle, Murder Murder Suicide, End Result, Scum, Royal Flush, I Spit On Your Gravy, Charred Remains, Bodies, Permanent Damage, Mad Flowers FEEL LUCKY PUNK LP DE Gonzo Hate Binge JKDBAG77, 1993 Horizontal Action - Psychosurgeons; Hanging On, Kick Her Out, Damn You - Rocks; Tell Me Why - News; I Only Panic When There's Nothing To Do - Leftovers FLOWERS FROM THE DUSTBIN LP Aberrant NUMBA1, 1983 FR Ripost RIP003 Television, My Wall, Truro Murders - Kelpies; In Tune With Living, No One You Can Trust, Think About Tomorrow - Positive Hatred; Piracy, 25 Hour Hoods, Cathode Ray Gun - Queen Anne's Revenge; Heart Attack, 5 To 9 - WWXXIV; Woe, Black Cloud - Vellocette; Good Bad & The Ugly, Our Father - Box Of Fish; Toys Out Of Control, Campbell's Song, 20 TBones - What?!! Kelpies as on their 7" (recorded May 1981). Positive Hatred as on their LP (recorded June 1983). Box Of Fish as on their 7". Queen Anne's Revenge: Colin Vaughan - gtr; Mark Crasti - voc; Steven Borg - bs; David Briggs - dr. Vellocette - John Clements - voc; Paul Spooner - gtr; Nick Jugurtis - bs; Charlie Falzon - dr: recorded late 1982. What?!!: Busty Raver (Amanda) - voc; Dean - voc; Owie - gtr; Tom - bs; Tony Cardinal - dr: recorded July 1983. 5MMM's COMPILATION OF ADELAIDE BANDS LP 5MMM 001, April 1980 On The Dole - Brats This band's only recording. Great opening line "I'm gonna go from the dole to the old age pension". Actually not that punk now that I've reheard it. Maybe Young Socialists fucking around. Owes a lyrical debt to a song Give Fraser The Razor by Red Peril (who were definite Young Socialists). KILLED BY DEATH #2 LP Redrum Horizontal Action - Psychosurgeons KILLED BY DEATH #4 LP Redrum TV Freak - Victims LETHAL WEAPONS LP Suicide VXLI407, May 1978 White L27112, 1983 I Wanna Be Your Baby, Learned Ones - Teenage Radio Stars; Let's Go, Blonde And Bombed - JAB; Baby Come Back, Mr Record Man - Survivors; These Boots, Masturbation Generation, Boy Hero - Boys Next Door; Planet On The Prowl - Negatives; Three Glorious Years, Valium - X-Ray-Z Masturbation Generation is the definite best of a poor bunch. The Negatives is a good long slow track. I like the X-Ray-Z tracks. Survivors are OK. The first JAB track is OK but the second is really dire. And fucking Wasted Daze - what were they thinking? JAB: Bobby Stopa - gtr,voc; Ash Wednesday - bs,synth; Johnny Crash - dr,voc; Bohdan X - voc. Teenage Radio Stars, Boys Next Door and Survivors as on their singles. Negatives: Chris Walsh - bs,voc; Michael Holmes - gtr; Peter Cave - dr; Gary Grey - voc. X-Ray-Z: Jon Ray (Wilkinson) - dr; Mike D'Art (James Lloyd) - bs; James Wave aka Peter Rich (Peter Doley) - voc,sax. NOT SO HUMDRUM LP Aberrant NUMBA2, 1984 FR Ripost RIP005 Kamikaze Twist, Migraine Headache - Rocks; New World In The Morning, Unwanted, Gossip Column - Suicide Squad; Business Man, Stranglehold, Countdown - Exserts; Foetal Position, Humanity, Reality (It's Laughing At You) - Vigil-Anti; The Build Up, When The Chips Are Down - Happy Hate Me Nots; Criminal, The End - Wrong Kind Of Stoneage; Jack Junk, The Sky Is falling, A Homely Situation - Itchy Rat. Rocks as on their 7" (recorded July 1984). Wrong Kind Of Stone Age as on their 7" (recorded July 1984). Suicide Squad: Peter Gormley - dr; Con Murphy - bs; Mark Easton - gtr; Danny Coumbe - voc: recorded late 1980. Exserts: Steven Demsey - bs; Andrew Thomas - gtr,voc; Charlie Sammut - dr: recorded July 1984. Vigil-Anti: Colin - voc; Rory - gtr; Andy - bs; Chris - dr: recorded March/ April 1984. Happy Hate Me Nots: Paul Berwick - gtr,voc; Tim McKay - gtr; Peter Lennon - bs; Mark Nicholson - dr: recorded May 1984. Itchy Rat: Dean - voc; Owie - gtr; Ken - bs; Neil - dr: recorded June 1984. TROUSERS IN ACTION 7" Aberrant ACT1, May 1985 One Hour - Positive Hatred (July 1983); I Don't Want To Go To Heaven - Suicide Squad (1980); Take Pity With Our City - Box Of Fish (Aug 1983); Darlinghurst Police - Vigil-Anti (Mar 1985) WHERE BIRDMEN FLEW LP bootleg, US Taz Devil TAZ001 Burned My Eye - Radio Birdman, Frantic Romantic - Scientists, More Suicides Please - Thought Criminals, Dirty Lies - News, No Complaints - Leftovers, Wild Weekend - Psychosurgeons, I Don't Wanna Go Out - X, Television Addict - Victims, Trans 43 - Screaming Tribesmen, Dowanna Love - Babeez, Face A New God - New Christs, Task Force - Razar, Your So Boring - Rocks. WHY MARCH WHEN YOU CAN RIOT?! LP Aberrant NUMBA3, 1985 FR Ripost RIP010 Living Like An Animal, Psychoanalyst, Stuff Your Rules - Johnny Dole and The Scabs; Home Is Where The Floor Is, Hate City, TV Cabaret Roll - X; Die Hard, Pig Boys, Magenta - Local Product. Johnny Dole recorded at 2JJ in 1977: Johnny Dole - voc; Peter Mullany - gtr; David Berry - bs; Greg Morris - dr. X recorded early 1978: same lineup as LP with Ian Krahe on vocals. Local Product recorded November 1980: Paul McKeon - voc; Andrew Mahaffey - gtr; John Hessey - gtr; Peter Copeland - bs; Chris Gormley - dr. YEAR OF THE RAT LP bootleg When The Birdmen Fly, (I Ain't Got) Time Enough For Love - Fun Things. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ PUNK NOVELTY RECORDS Comedians both funny and unfunny used punk as a vehicle for their wares, some highlights being the Luchs Brothers "Kill Me I'm Rotten" and John Vomit & The Leather Scabs "Picked Off" ep. Here's the Australian contributions I know of. If anyone knows of any others please let me know. Fred Cass And The Cassettes - Xmas In America (Australian Branch) 7" Fred Cassette Co 0002, 1981 PS Fred backed by various Sports, Skyhooks and Schizophrenias does a cool Xmas punker under the title Yong (sic) Talent Team Xmas 2001, actually a medley of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer and Jingle Bells. Norman Gunston - I Might Be A Punk (But I Love You Baby) / Love Me Tender 7" Mushroom K6766, 1977 PS Hilarious comedian but the band here sounds like Melbourne boogie musos churgling along. Not as good as his Kiss Army 7" from 1980. The Rude Band - I'm A Punk / Doug's Dub 7" Oz 876, 1982, NS? Unfunny fatso Doug Mulray (was a Sydney radio DJ) almost pulls off a great punk novelty record but the pro-hack band give it away with fucking keyboards and two seconds of noxious slapbass. The Numbat Adoration EP 7" Stickball {Seymore Norkers} // Sit On My Face, Stevie Nicks {Warren Piece and the Revesby Funk Punks} / Fuck Me Forever {Connie Lingus} NA1, an of-the-era bootleg of the Rotters (ca. 1981). The Kingswoods - Purty Vacant / Commissar's Song 7" Green BTS994, 1983 Hillbilly cover of Pretty Vacant. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Copyright 1994-2004 by Henry Weld Current revision copyright 2004 by Henry Weld. Notice: All rights reserved. For private use only. Copies may not be modified, published, or redistributed for profit without express permission from the copyright holder. Derivative works are subject to this copyright and may not be published without prior agreement with the author. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ That's all for now. This list is still under construction. Any comments, additions and corrections are welcome. Get in touch if you want to trade or sell records. Regards, Henry Weld henry at collectorscum.com PO Box A1055 Sydney South 1235 Australia Return to Henry Weld's Music Page Return to CollectorScum.com