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Colas Birmingham - Exposed 7" Polyester 1004, 1982 PS (Delivery Boy / Wind Me Up, Let Me Go) Crappy New Wave.[TAP] Really bad new wave, not punk in the least.[BD] colas - 1st press colas - 2nd press Invaders Birmingham - Designer Genes 7" Polyester 1002, 1980 PS (Rockin' In Boston / She's A Heartbreaker / Reita / Under Submission) invaders Jim Bob & The Leisure Suits Birmingham - First Time 7" Polyester 1001, 1980 PS (Girls Girls Girls / Easy Surfin' / Basic Music // Go Where the Girls Are / White Trash Rock) - Panama City Beach / This World Is Killing Me 7" Polyester 1003, 1981 PS - Jim Bob & The Leisure Suits LP Polyester PR1006, 1982 (Gangland Wars / Steamy Paradise / Tunnel Of Love / Landmine / I've Got It // On Sunday Night / Halfway To Jesus / Cool Blue Baby / Give Me Voodoo / Don't Lie To Me) first time Knockabouts - Knockabouts 7" Prank 02, 1995/1983 (The Beautiful / Shit Home Alabama / Where's My Vietnam / Sick Society / Freedom Fighter / Aimless Youth / Fire Escape / Fast Pulse) Ravers Bellwood - Going In Circles / Rock 'N' Roll Days 7" Hot Line HL-101, 1979 NS? A-side is decent upbeat garage rocker, perhaps the best the state has to offer.[JF] ravers


I spent the early '80s at grad school in Phoenix, so punk during that time in my home state had to develop without me. To the best of my knowledge, what little activity there was happened in Fayetteville, in the NW corner of the State, which is probably closer to Okla City & Tulsa than it is to Little Rock (the most aptly named city in the world, as I've said before, & where I'm living now). Unlike Little Rock, Fayetteville has the advantage of being a university town. I know of at least 2 bands from there around '80, Teen Scum & ... god, I've forgotten the other one's name. I used to know a guy who played guitar for both bands. (Another band member, Russell Love, wound up in a Tulsa band that actually achieved a bit of reknown in hardcore circles in the mid-'80s, None Of The Above.) They left no recorded traces, as far as I know. Unfortunately, I'm from the other end of the state & have never even set foot in Fayetteville. My ex-girlfriend is from there (& now lives there again), played in several bands there in the late '80s & knows most of the scene veterans, but under the circumstances we don't talk a lot, needless to say. I can say with complete confidence that the SWArkansas scene back then consisted of me & the couple of friends I turned onto punk ... the only instruments we played were our stereos. (It IS strange to look back & realize that the floors of certain college dorms in Magnolia, Arkansas, were reverberating to Shaved Women/Reality Asylum 20 years ago ...) As for Little Rock, I know of no band activity before '84 or '85, unfortunately, though there HAD to have been some. (As mentioned above, I was living in Arizona at the time, but according to my newspaper's library Wall of Voodoo played here circa 1983 ... punk's big "coming-out" here had to have been Black Flag's 2/13/86 show at a local club.) I do know that Metal Mike Saunders of the Angry Samoans came from Little Rock, & his mother still lives here, about a mile from where I occasionally play basketball on Sundays. Tav Falco is from somewhere in the state, I believe, & I think Gary Floyd (ex-Dicks, Sister Double Happiness) is from a small town called Gurdon, comparable to my hometown, Stamps (the one Maya Angelou wrote about in I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings ... about 25 miles from Bill Clinton's "place called hope," where my first ex-wife is the city manager these days. Dan -


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Bob Suren's Ultimate Collector's Guide to Florida Punk and Hardcore Records Antler Joe And The Accidents Fort Myers - Go Commercial 7" Killer Sheep AJ1000, 1981 PS (Who Needs A Woman Like You // Words / Dogshit) Sort of barband/redneck garage-punk.[BD] dogshit Bobs - Shoot The Moose Down 12" Open, 1981 (Sounds Of People Eating / Sneaking TV / Living Legend / Be My Girl / New Music / Shoot The Moose Down) Broken Talent Miami - Blood Slut // My Old Man / My God Can Beat Up Your God 7" T.P.O.S. TPOS1, 1984 PS A sloppy classic.[HW] broken talent Chats Miami Beach? - Can't Be Real / Do The Pogo 7" Jupiter 555-1, 1980? NS Not a punk record...closer to wavepunk or artpop than poppunk. Maybe the Bongos would be a comparison. A-side is pretty good, b-side is weak.[BD] Brian's assessment is fair, although I'd say both sides are equally ok. I found my copy from a Florida-based mailorder. An eBay auction in June, 2010 by Isaac Baruch of the Reactions claimed that the Chats were from Miami Beach.[JF] I can see how people would suspect a Florida origin, Jupiter is a town north of West Palm Beach. For all I know, it could be a Florida band, but I've seen zero about them in any of the old Florida zines...and they likely didn't make it down to Miami, or I'd have a flyer or a mention in a zine. So who knows? I did find a test pressing which shows it was recorded at CDK Studios, if that's any help.[Jeff Lemlich] chats Cichlids Miami - Lifeguard Dan // Tourists Are Pink / Bubblegum 7" Bold 203, 1980 PS - Be True To Your School LP Bold 306, 1980 (Missionary Man / With My Girl / Bubble Gum / Jewish Girls / Lifeguard Dan / Ups And Downs // Let's Go Mental / 14 Or Fight / Follow The Trend / These Boots Were Made For Walkin' / Did You Ever / Planned Obsolescence / Ubangi Stomp) lifeguard dan be true Comets Miami - Big Business Jokes / Help Me 7" Orange MS-106, 1983 NS - Living The Answer 7" Lowbudget Jam sound.[BD] Critical Mass Miami - Silver Screen / No One Left To Blame 7" Critical Mass CM-101, 1978 NS Last Laugh HAW-020, 2011 NS - It's What's Inside That Counts LP MCA 3260, 1980 Rough New York Dolls sound w/ Johnny Rotten vocals. The major label LP is mediocre.[BD] Critical Mass I remember very well. They were probably the first band in this area to cover Holidays In The Sun and God Save The Queen, which at the time (in South Florida) was pretty radical, with most bands being either disco or southern rock. Their Silver Screen single used to be on the jukebox at the Johnson Street Big Daddy's in Hollywood, FL! The downfall came when radio consultant Lee Abrams "discovered" them and "guided" them for their MCA album. The songs on the album aren't bad, just "produced" and certainly not punk. There was a backlash and the album didn't sell. Critical Mass released one later single in the 80s that is pretty much crap.[Jeff Lemlich] silver screen it's what's inside that counts Damage Orlando - Jay Walk / Fight Or Die // Jock Mentality / Chopin 7" Space Fish, 1984 PS damage Degenerates Orlando - First EP 7" Degenerates BRC-109, 1980 SS (Beat Your Family / Living On Bamboo // She's A Jock / I Lost My Luggage) Despite looking very punk, it's a new wave record. Beat Your Family was actually a local radio hit, and perhaps the best song on the record. Lost My Luggage also has its moments (fake-Brit vocals, cheesy guitar solo.) The stamped sleeve exists in 4 different colors.[JF] green ss Eat Miami - Communist Radio / Catholic Love 7" Giggling Hitler 312-500, 1979 PS Brain Transplant BTX06, 1998 PS Last Laugh HAW-005, 2010 PS - God Punishes the Eat 7" Giggling Hitler 680-1, 1980 PS (Jimmy B. Goode / Dr. T.V. // Silly Drug Songs / Nut Cop / Kneecappin) - Scattered Wahoo Action 10" NED Wicked Witch WW-008, 1996/1982 (Mary Mary / Party Line / Living Like A Pig / Young Guy / I Led Two Lives / Hey Jackass // Nixon's Binoculars / She's Pissed Off / Get Me High / One Call To Cuba / Open Man / Ballbusters On Parade / Communist Radio) Communist Radio is basically a powerpop song but benefits from an amazingly 'live' sound and stellar performance which lifts it to legend status. The fact it was always a rare record doesn't hurt. God Punishes moves into punkpop territory, Nut Cop is the highlight. Scattered Wahoo Action was originally a 1982 cassette, the 10" swaps Subhuman and a demo of Catholic Love for a live Communist Radio.[HW] communist radio - original communist radio - reissue god punishes scattered wahoo action Essentials Miami - Fast Music In A Slow Town 7" Safety Net NET1, 1982 PS (Turn Off Your Radio / I Don't Get // Johnny / It's Essential) essentials F West Palm Beach - You Are An F 12" Intendo Distorto AR8170, 1983 (No / In Control / Spit It Out // Citizens Arrest / Such Men Are Dangerous / My Country Tis Of Thee) 7" Sound Idea, 2000? PS (No / In Control / Spit It Out / Grab Your Dick And Run // Citizens Arrest / Such Men Are Dangerous / My Country Tis Of Thee) Fanatics Tampa - Strange Way / Billie // Do It / Foolish One 7" Static 14176, PS 2 decent poppunk tracks, 2 bad wave tracks.[BD] Fans - Middle Class Blues / Day In Day Out 7" Fave, 1980 HS Ex-Freestone. Pop. Front Miami - First Strike 7" Foam 00001, 1980 PS (It's Over / (I Don't Wanna Be A) Teen Idol (Forever) / Immigration Report) - Aluminum Room / Poor People 7" Foam, 1982 PS Second is new wave. first strike Futurisk Miami - The Sound Of Futurism 7" Clark Humphrey 008072, 1980 PS (What We Have To Have / Army Now) Some say lo-fi Devo, others say lo-fi Gary Numan. Important difference. Another 7" EP called Player Piano in 1982.[HW] Despite the synths, the first one is aggressive and punky, so I'll go with lo-fi Devo, although it's more serious than Devo. Second is for minimal synth fans only, which explains why it's not listed here.[JF] sound of futurism different color?> Gay Cowboys In Bondage Miami - Owen Marshmallow Strikes Again 7" Sublapse 2, 1984 PS (Big Fat Baloney Sandwich / Crime And Violence / The Illness Song // More Bruises / A Funny Red Moustache (Of Kool-Aid) / Fist May Follow) Juvenile trashy punk w/ inept sound.[BD] gay cowboys Hated Youth Tallahassee - Hardcore Rules 7" Burrito 15, 2001/1983 PS (Hardcore Rules / Ted Bundy / Army Dad / Ban The Bible / I'm Stupid / Fuckhead / Red Red Red // Fuck Russia / Total Control / Games / Fear Us / Kill A Punk) KTH (Kill the Hostages) - Skull Bossing / Mutant 7" Puhko, 1980 PS Lethal Yellow Miami - Declaration Of Retardation 7" Stench 009, 1984? PS (Grilled Cheese Sandwiches / In The Mess / Cockroaches // Velveeta / Spastic And Proud / The Obnoxious Song) yellow ps white ps Menstrual Cycles Miami - Half Skin Half Punx 7" Menstrual Cycles 1, 1983 PS (Retirement Home / Rejected From The Premisis // Kill The President / Oi Warning) menstrual cycles Morbid Opera Fort Lauderdale - Jesus Loves You - So Give Us Your Money 7" Sublapse AR7370, 1983 PS (Liar / Private Prostitute / Deep End // One-Dimensional / Madness / Sledgehammer) morbid opera Mysfitz Hollywood - She's A Teaser / Aggravation 7" Edge ER5830, 1981 NS Aggravation is pretty good despite sounding like some unholy marriage of 70s powerpop and 60s hippie rock.[BD] mysfitz Panics Fort Myers - Little Red Book / Kill It (Before It Multiplies) 7" Superdisc GG-JB, 1979 PS - Test Test / I'm A Fan 7" Superdisc GG-JB-2, 1980 HS? - Press The Button LP Superdisc A-5000, 1980 (Test Test / I'm A Fan / Feel For Pop / Thin Red Line / No Romance // Kill It (Before It Multiplies) / Public Service Announcement / Stick 'em Up / Cold / 3rd World Stand-Up Comic) little red book test test press the button Charlie Pickett & The Eggs Miami - Feelin' / White Light White Heat 7" Open 1, 1981 PS - If This Is Love Can I Get My Money Back / Slow Death 7" Open 2, 1981 PS - Live At The Button LP Open LONG1, 1982 - If This Is Love / Slow Death // Phantom Train (Live At The Button) 12" DE Jet Pax Records JPX 4503, 1983 feelin if this is love live at the button Principles Miami - USA 423 7" Principles, 1980 NS principles Reactions Fort Lauderdale - Official Release 7" Reaction 864-3052, 1980 HS (Tonight / Marianne / In Society / It's Our Turn Now) - Love You 7" Reaction 865-0145, 1981 PS (Nights On End / Marianne // I Can't Help It / Rebel Rousers) official release love you Julio Rey Miami - Unrehearsed Walk 7" self-released 1982 PS (Sing It Out!! / I Can Testify // Le Miserable / I'll Never Know) Extremely lo-fi punk, good stuff, pre-Visitors.[BD] julio rey Rich Rags Clearwater/Tampa - Dentist Office Music 7" Orange ORA3392, 1979 PS (On The Level / Rejection // Fast Foods / Straight Girl) - The Original 7" Ragdisk 200 MG, 1980 PS (Jeffrey (Where Are You Now?) / Syncopated Love) The first is close to the description of the Mysfitz above, this time an unholy marriage of 70s powerpop and 70s midwest rock. Jeffrey is a decent punk/wave track.[HW] dentist office music the original Roach Motel Gainesville - Roach & Roll 7" Destroy 001, 1982 PS (I Hate The Sunshine State / Shut Up / Wetback // Now You're Gonna Die / Creep / More Beer) - What the Hell, It's Roach Motel 7" Destroy 004, 1984 PS (Brooke Shields Must Die / Frenzy / Chowburger / Nothing To Lose / Pizza Face / Mom Likes Drugs) - It's Lonely At The Top LP Floridas Dead FDEAD-01, 2011 roach n roll what the hell Screaming Sneakers Miami - Marching Orders 12" Screaming Sneakers, 1982 (Violent Days / Grin And Bear // I Can't Help It / Reflections) Leads off with a monster melodic hardcore track.[HW] screaming sneakers Sector 4 Tallahassee - Disclexia 7" Destroy 003, 1983 PS (Heartbreak Hotel / Jump On You / No Revenge / Time / Table Leg) sector 4 Shades - Time For A Change / Shake It 7" Direct Hit 001, 1980 PS shades Sheer Smegma West Palm Beach - Audio Suicide 7" Fart Faced Decadence FFD1, 1980 HS (Clubnite / Alophen Baby // I Wanna Be A Man / I Owe It To The Girls) Awesomely inept scatalogical girl-punk. Most copies with folded lyrics innersleeve mis-identified as a picture sleeve in old Chuck Warner catalogs. Some copies with real picture sleeve. Some copies with stamped innersleeve. Exactly the same record as Teddy And The Frat Girls, listed below.[JF] gee thanks Spanish Dogs Ft. Lauderdale - Meet The Spanish Dogs! 7" Ruff Ken BRT-0031, 1981 PS (Atomic Shockwaves / Got A Problem // Saltine Crackers / Cleveland) - Don't Sweat the Petty Things...Pet The Sweaty Things 7" Rasta Dog DOG002, 1982 PS (Do You Believe / Your Daughter / 1990 // Atomic Shockwaves / Oh) - Mongol Le Gan LP Doggie Style 30822, 1983 (Do You Believe / Your Daughter / Serious Boys / I'm Just Asking / Atomic Shockwaves / Shark // Kingston / T.M.I. / Cynthia Pin / My Boyfriend / Oh / Pitbull) Not too much of interest to punk fans here.[JF] meet the spanish dogs don't sweat the petty things Stevie Stiletto & the Switchblades Jacksonville - It's A Bogus Life 7" Razor SS001, 1985 PS (A.O.T. / Just Go Away / Running People Over // Party Dog / Let's Blow This Taco Stand / It's A Bogus Life) In the mid-80s there were a handful of these dumbpunk/jokecore 45s from Florida, and almost nowhere else. This is the best.[BD] stevie stiletto - color 1st? ps stevie stiletto - black and white 2nd? ps Teddy And The Frat Girls West Palm Beach - Audio Suicide 7" Hospital HD04, 1980 PS (Clubnite / Alophen Baby // I Wanna Be A Man / I Owe It To The Girls) - I Wanna Be A Man 12" UK Alternative Tentacles VIRUS19, 1984 (Clubnite / Alophen Baby // I Wanna Be A Man / I Owe It To The Girls / The Eggman Don't Cometh) The 7" is exactly the same record as Sheer Smegma (see above) but is identified as Teddy And The Frat Girls when it has the picture sleeve with that name, and/or an innersleeve stamped as such. Some copies are stamped with both names. But the printed labels always say Sheer Smegma. The 12" reissue adds one track.[JF] audio suicide teddy and the frat girls 12 U-Boats Zephyrhills (Tampa) - Government Rip-Off / BreakOut Tonite 7" Crow 0001, 1982 PS - Dead And Desperate 7" Crow 0003, 1983 PS (America Unemployed // V.F.W. Ball / Bad Boy) - Street Tough LP Crow 0001, 1983 (Street Tough / Town Whore / Dig A Grave / You Chewed My Love Apart / You're Not My Kind Of Girl / Bums // T.T. Police / Rich Man / Misfit / His Name Is Dick / V.F.W. Ball / Bad Boy) govt rip-off dead and desperate street tough Used People - Today Is Never Done / Oh Kimmy // Perfect Man / Boobie Trap 7" Edge, NS Visitors Miami - Death Of A Gunfighter / I'll Never Know 7" Three Equals One 3-0001, 1983 PS Good pop punk by a buncha Christians. Nice moustache on one member too.[HW] visitors Voodoo Idols Tampa - Do The Kirk // Grunt Grunt / Pretty Face 7" Vee Dee CLAP1, 1982 PS - We Dig Nixon / Dead Air 7" Vee Dee CLAP2, 1982 PS - Temptation 12" Vee Dee NR15765, 1984 (Don't Call Me Back / Screwed Up / Taboo / Burn / Flesh And Bone / Pushin Up Daisies / Temptation / Hairtrigger / Open Windows) do the kirk we dig nixon temptation We The Living Miami - Carnival Of Vice 7" Subversive SUBV772, 1985 PS (Fudge Ripple / Shamade // Bingo / Abortion Attempt / Mixed Up World) we the living Wrap - Let Me Go / He's Not There 7" Oh My Honey WR101, 1980 PS wrap X-Conz - Do Dead People Tan? 7" Edge ER5831, 1981 PS (Do Dead People Tan? / (She's My) Hose Bag // A.R.M.Y. Now / Big Mouthed Girls) Excellent powerpop with off-kilter lyrical bent make this a winner.[HW] x-conz Z-Cars - I Don't Care / All Dressed Up 7" Pressure, 1980 PS z-cars Zenith Nadir Tampa - We Are The "Intimidators" 7" flexi 50 Play, 1979 NS zenith nadir


We Can't Help It If We're From Florida 7" Destroy 002, 1983 PS (Hated Youth - Hardcore Rules / Ted Bundy / Army Dad / Sector 4 - White House / Plaid Spaceship / Morbid Opera - Eat The Rich / White Flag / Polyester Pig // Roach Motel - Heart Attack / Florida Reptile Land / My Dog's Into Anarchy / Rat Cafeteria - Kill / Tax Revolt) A sequel in 1992 called We Still Can't Help It If We're From Florida features a 1981 Roach Motel track, You Make Me Sick.[JF] we can't help it The Land That Time Forgot LP Open LONG2, 1982 (Eat - I Led Two Lives / Bobs - Living Legend / Rubber Thongs - Mondo Condo / Cats On Holiday - Future Shock / F - I Saw Your Vision / Essentials - Turn Off Your Radio / Da Boys - Bring It Back / Charlie Pickett And The Eggs - Phantom Train // Larry Joe Miller And His Rhythm Rockers - Young And Wild / Breathers - Did You Think? / Magic - Locals Only / Vulgar Boatmen - Monkey Jungle Breakdown / A New Personality - Waterfall / Front - Bored Again) The Eat, the Essentials and F have rocking numbers, while the rest are mainly pop, new wave (especially the Front, which is very sad after their brilliant Immigration Report) and country.[KD]


Basics Atlanta - Bad Guru / Slow Motion Suicide // Sexual Object / Beggin' For Beer 7" Basics TB101, 1980 PS basics DDT - Brave New World 7" Five Minute DDT-45-101, 1983 PS (Mr Rogers Neighborhood / Girls, Girls, Girls / Brave New World // I'm Walking Down The Psychopath / The End) - Broken Toy LP Laser 1984DDT, 1984 (Men Are Mortal / Last Train To Athens / E.T. / P.M.A. / Broken Toy / Fury & Sin / Guess Who / People Are People / The Vein // Waiting / Cheap Head / Where Do I Fit In / Foreign Legion / Together / Purity / Carlos / I Am The Axe Murderer) Decent hardcore, nothing too distinctive. The atypically slow I'm Walking Down The Psychopath hovers near the top of the list of most undeserving Killed By Death tracks.[HW] brave new world The Fans Atlanta - Ekstasis // Telstar / Lonely Girls 7" Blue Beam BB-1001, 1977 NS - True / Deathwish 7" Blue Beam, 1980 PS - True / Deathwish // Cars & Explosions / Dangerous Goodbyes 2x7" UK Albion 1004, PS true/deathwish Kris Methe And The Mistakes Atlanta - The Suspect // Autopsy / Celebreakdown 7" Bombay, 1982 HS Good aggressive riff punk with Dollsy vocals.[RM] The band's name on the labels is the Suspex. It only says Kris Methe And The Mistakes on the hard-to-find sleeve.[JF] kris methe - hs Neon Christ Atlanta - Parental Suppression / Draft Song / Winding / Bad Influence / Neon Christ // We Mean Business / Yoof / It's Mine / Doom / After 7" Social Crisis SCR-001, 1984 PS Fast short piledriving blasts of hardcore thrash in the DRI mode with some slower creative parts thrown in and youthful non-gruff vocals delivering the socio-political messages. Frantic and not too polished.[Brian GTA] neon christ Obsessions - Forced Entry / Gimme Some Time 7" Rooster GRP 1002, 1982 NS Pretty good, lo-fi garagey/punk-ish.[BD] Paper Lions - Love Lies / Female Advantages 7" Paper Lion PL-45-69, 1981 PS Lo-fi Dollsy punk.[HW] Ronnie Razor Atlanta - Psychological Vampire 7" Born To Die U8385, 1983 PS (Baby This/Baby That / Pretty Lies) More rock-n-roll than punk.[BD] Ex-XYZ. ronnie razor Restraints Atlanta - Wacka-Wacka / Roll Over Ronnie 7" Restraints GR1006, 1982 PS Novelty popwave and rootsy poppunk with whiny vocals and a Reagan theme. Lightweight but entertaining.[BD] restaints Swimming Pool Qs Atlanta - Rat Bait / The A-Bomb Woke Me Up 7" Chlorinated 079, 1979 PS - Little Misfit / Stringray 7" DB DB64, 1982 PS rat bait - orange ps little misfit Vex Macon - Transmutation / Here Come The Cops // Parentosaurus Rex / My Wave 7" Stolen 11915, 1984 PS vex XYZ Decatur - Wolf Spider / Long Distance 7" Invasion XYZ001, 1979 PS Hardrock/glam with decent Dolls/Heartbreakers style B-side.[JF] xyz Various - Standardeviation LP Panic PR1001, 1980 (The Swimming Pool Qs - Stock Car Sin / Misfit / Operator - Big Man / Flies On The Wall / The Basics - Paddle Out / Trouble Lights // The Restraints - I Cannot Be A Nun / KAO4S - 80 MPH / Love Radio / No Exit - Hit Single / Dead Man / The Restraints - Cancer Dancer) A-side is largely forgettable. On the flip, the Restraints tracks fit Brian's description above, KAO4S is interesting male/female-vox synth hard wave, and the first No Exit track is decent punky powerpop.[JF] standarddeviation Label Discographies Bombay ? Kris Methe And The Mistakes 7" MB-697 1937 - You're A Little Bit Lonely / Surfin' Pharisea 7" (1982, f-vox postpunk/surf/wave)


Bas Clas New Orleans - Physical World / Serfin USA 7" Serfdom SR101, 1981 PS Listen to both tracks and others at
Earl's Jukebox Bas Clas Buns New Orleans - Anti-Matter / Raise The Roof 7" Lectric Eye 004, 1979 PS buns The Cold New Orleans - Three Chord City / You 7" Top Pop KRS-611, 1980 PS - Mesmerized / Wake Up 7" Top Pop TP-002, 1981 PS - Never Alone / Thanks A Lot 7" Top Pop TP-003, 1981 PS - Do The Dance / Missing Hit Man 7" Top Pop TP-007, 1982 PS Powerpop. Three Chord City is considered a classic of the genre. Another single and 2 albums were released in '84-'85.[JF] three chord city - blue ps three chord city - b&w ps mesmerized never alone do the dance Disappointed Parents New Orleans - Am I Getting Through? 7" Crispy Christ DP-6283, 1983 PS (Am I Getting Through? / Serving Time In Hell / Fuck Drugs! / Rats And Piranhas / Regrets / Meat Market / Because We Disagree? / American Rebel) disappointed parents The Limit New Orleans - Uh Oh / Call Jane // Candy Rocks / Dream of Love 10" Pendulum, 1983 Uh Oh is Incredible Kidda Band-styled upbeat UK Teenage Treats powerpop-punk circa '78 (UK '78 = NOLA '83, basically) and Call Jane sounds like the Forgotten Rebels - but maybe with Ric Ocasek on vocals?! The two b-side tracks are only okay by comparison.[??] If I remember correctly they were either Jefferson or St. Bernard Parish heybras bred on corporate rock who went 'headband-punk,' but they could actually play, they had better gear and they could write songs, unlike the Uptown dilettantes.[Paul MOTO] Manic Depressives New Orleans - Silence On The Radio / You Know Where You're Gonna Go // Going Out With The In Crowd 7" Vinyl Solution VS002, 1980 PS Gonna go Men In Black New Orleans - S&M Bar / The Gypsy Lid 7" Lectric Eye EYE3, 1979 PS men in black Models - In The Red / Respected 7" MR1, 1981 PS - 12" 1979 in the red Normals Jefferson - Almost Ready / Hardcore 7" Lectric Eye EYE2, 1978 PS Last Laugh HAW-008, 2010 PS Listen to both tracks at Earl's Jukebox. I never di-i-id Numbers New Orleans - Forever Young / Runaround 7" Numbers 8407x55, 1984 PS Underproduced Jam-my mod/powerpop.[BD] numbers Rat Finks - 7" in Volume, pre-Red Rockers, not issued Red Rockers New Orleans - Guns Of Revolution // Teenage Underground / Nothing To Lose 7" Vinyl Solution VS003, 1980 HS - Condition Red LP 415 415A-0006, 1981 (Guns Of Revolution / Teenage Underground / Peer Pressure / Can You Hear / Grow Up / Know What I Think // Dead Heroes / Folsom Prison Blues / Condition Red / Hold On / White Law / Live Or Die) guns of revolution - hs guns of revolution - label Shell Shock New Orleans - Your Way // My Brain Is Jelly / Execution Time 7" Vinyl Solution V/S005, 1981 PS - No Holds Barred 7" Splatter SR001, 1986 PS (Slipping Through My Fingers / Movie Maker // Wake Me (When I'm Dead) / No Holds Barred) your way - pink ps your way - green ps your way - 2nd press yellow ps no holds barred Shit Dogs Baton Rouge/New Orleans - Present The History Of Cheese 7" Pangolin PANGO-001, 1980 PS (Reborn / Raw Meat // Killer Cain / W.W.II Never Ended / Bloodclot) 2x7" Last Laugh HAW-016, 2011 PS (Reborn // Raw Meat /// Killer Cain // W.W.II Never Ended / Bloodclot) - You Bet! 7" Pangolin PANGO-002, 1981 PS (Calling Dr Modo / It's Disposable / Can Opener // Under Slithery Moons / Flippin' Burgers) - Dog Style LP Pangolin PANGO-101, 1983 (Don't Hide The Razorblades / Prophylactic Prophet / Rats In The Tunnel / Citizen X / Bloodclot `82 / Mental Convoy // Nikita Banana / Saucers Over Singapore / The Devil's Hand / Call Me Shit Dog / Burger Doodle) History Of Cheese is another redneck/bar band punk classic, very lo-fi but great performance and some brilliant songs lifts it up. Showing an Eat-like progression the secong is good poppunk.[HW] history of cheese you bet! dog style Skinnies New Orleans - Kill The Beat 7" Lectric Eye EYE1, 1978 PS Last Laugh HAW-014, 2011 PS (I'm A Dullard / Out Of Order) - Out Of Order 7" Rave Up RUG-01, 1999/1978-79 PS (Out Of Order / (I'm A) Dullard // Does She Or Doesn't She / C.I.A. / Hit And Run) Classic loser punk.[HW] In perhaps the worst example of Rave Up's poor quality control, the reissue's track listing shows the third song on the wrong side and also includes a sixth song called Hey Toots which doesn't actually appear.[JF] kill the beat Sluts New Orleans - 12" Of Sluts 12" Spread'um SLUT-1, 1982 (Head Hunter / Chicken Stiken / Fuck You / Cunning Linguist / Gator Rockin / I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend, Baby / 1 Cord City // Nuke The Whales / Poor Blacks / Hey, Hey, We're The Sluts / Mom's Cunt / Rip-Off Rocker / Draft Song / Gnu Song) Dumb punk, bordering on hardcore. Terrible or pure genius depending on your point-of-view. 1 Cord City is an answer to the Cold's best known song.[JF] sluts Times Baton Rouge - Mr. Right / Vogue Baby 7" Skratch SRTT012, 1981 NS? - Wendy O / The Obvious 7" Skratch STRR013, 1981 PS wendy o Toxin III Crowley - I Rock I Ran / Arrested / Again // Numb / It's Dead / Middle Class 7" Vinyl Solution VLP8072/3, 1982 PS toxin iii U.S. Times Baton Rouge - Wanna Go To London 7" Skratch, 1982 PS - Wanna Go To London LP Skratch SK-001, 1982 (Jungle Intro / I'm An Actor / Now What / Stop & Think // Call Vinnie / Primal Urges / Just A Human / Music In The Walls / Wanna Go To London) 5 of the 8 songs are bad rock. The other 3 are slightly punkier rock with the title track bein' the best (but still pretty mediocre) cut. [Brett Herron] lp Wayward Youth New Orleans - Do You Wanna / Elmundo 7" Vinyl Solution 001, 1979 PS wayward youth Zoomers Baton Rouge - From The Planet Moon / You'll See / Somatic 7" Uncalled For 8110X13, 1981 PS xoomers


N.O. Experience Necessary LP Oblique PB001, 1980 (Backstabbers - Lunatic Fringe / Driveways - Simple Pictures / Room Service - She Don't Mind / Men In Black - Hot Pork / Mechanics - Sad Army / Contenders - Drug City // Mandeville Mike & The Mental Block - Does She Or Doesn't She / Driveways - Zig Zag / Shit Dogs - Not Responsible / Contenders - Little Murders / Backstabbers - Fly By Night / Mechanics - The Consumer) No Questions No Answers LP Vinyl Solution V/S004, 1980 (Red Rockers - Dead Heroes / Red Star / Aces 88 - Character / RZA - Can't Never / Hostages - Time To Change / Models - Fire Patrol / Intimate Love // Wayward Youth - Thinkin' Bout You / David Oh! - Preparation X / Fugitives - Mystery Girl / Mandeville Mike - Me / Swingin' Millionaires - The Cannibals Next Door / Cheaters - A Little Too Much / Manic Depressives - Not Worth The Time / Think For Yourself) Label Discographies Skratch STRR013 Times 7" ? U.S. Times 7" ? U.S. Times LP SK005 Times - Hip Isn't It LP (1984) Vinyl Solution 001 Wayward Youth 7" VS002 Manic Depressives 7" VS003 Red Rockers - Guns Of Revolution 7" V/S004 Various - No Questions No Answers LP V/S005 Shell Shock - Your Way 7" VLP8072/3 Toxin III 7"


Ed Nasty And The Dopeds Jackson - I'm Gonna Be Everything / You Sucker 7" Sexo UR1332, 1978 HS Last Laugh HAW-009, 2010 PS Great redneck punk. A classic of the look-what-happened-after-the-Sex Pistols-toured-the South genre (see Critical Mass, Antler Joe, the Next, the Fensics(?)).[HW] ed nasty Rank Amateurs / Throbbing Members Laurel - Kick The Stupidity / Western Front split 7" Upper Crust UC101, 1980 PS Rank Amateurs have a very basement pop-punk song. Throbbing Members are more 60s basement pop/folk, but is actually very cool.[MG] rank amateurs / throbbing members Used Goods Jackson - Runaround / Drive In 7" Big Monkey 2009/2010, 1983 PS used goods Johnny Vomit & the Dry Heaves Corinth - Chokin' On A Lude Part One / Chokin' On A Lude Part Two // Chokin' On A Lude Part Three / Black September 7" Goner 6GONE, 1995/1983 PS (Apparently) recorded 1983. johnny vomit & the dry heaves Last updated: 17 May 2015
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