Records For Trade: Punk, Powerpop (and some New Wave)

September 2004: This is a temporary update to remove some records which are gone and add some new stuff, I'll massage the list and grade stuff over the next few weks. Also I can't guarantee everything listed here is still available. Most is though.

All these records are available for trade or sale. I'm open to cash offers on any of them but generally if they are reasonably rare they are trade only. My wants are similar records from all countries, if you would like me to email you a want list let me know. (Some wants are listed on my music page.)

Grading is sleeve/record. NPS means no sleeve ever issued. If you are familiar with Mike B's scheme then think along those lines, sort of. If you're familiar with general European grading - everything down to vg++ here would equate to m- or ex there, vg+ would equate to ex or ex- there, g here = vg+ or vg there. Detailed grading information is available at the bottom of this page - scroll on down...

Records I haven't got around to grading yet are marked --/--. Email me with any questions. I think all these records are still here, if by chance I've sold one or two of them without remembering to cross them off the list please don't be angry.

Henry Weld
PO Box A1055
Sydney South 1235

Latest Additions: September 2004

Boys Next Door - Shivers / Dive Position 7" Mushroom 1979, NPS orig mushroom labels
Fred Cass and the Cassettes - Xmas In America (Australian Branch) 7" 1981
  Melbourne screwaround novelty/DIY.
Dave and The Derros - Death To Disco 7" Mushroom 1978 punk novelty NPS
DV8 - Kill The Warden / Darby St Blues 7" 1979 Newcastle NPS
Innocents - Sooner Or Later 7" RCA 1980 NPS, top Aussie powerpop
Invader - Don't Blame It On Me 7"
Primitive Calculators - Do That Dance / I Can't Stop It 7"
Riptides - Tomorrows Tears 7"
Rejected - No Offence LP Sydney hardcore 1988, 69 copies pressed.
Saints - Security 7" UK Harvest HAR5166 in sleeve, demo copy
Saints - 1-2-3-4 2x7" UK Harvest
Screaming Tribesmen - I Don't Wanna Know 7" first and best

Dabs - Love The Army 12"
Gordons - Future Shock 7"

Cultureshock - Forever and Ever / Thought You Were A Friend 7"
  Really great Buzzcocksy poppunk from BC Canada 1983. Blue/orange sleeve.
Desendants - Unnational Anthem 7" with repro of the superrare sleeve
Dickies - Fan Mail / Tricia Toyota 7" AUS A+M 1979 NPS
JFA - Blatant Localism 7" Placebo
Stimulators - Loud Fast Rules 7" orig top of sleeve torn as usual
Tools - Tore Out My Heart 7" DC 1981 punk, missing the rare sleeve m-
Weirdos - Skateboards To Hell / Adulthood 7"

Cassette - Fast Forward 7" 1979 missing sleeve
Damned - Smash It Up / Burglar 7" AUS Chiswick 1979 NPS
Girls At Our Best - Getting Nowhere Fast 7" Record Records great first
One Gang Logic - Alienate 7" DIY/punk
Ramones - Danny Says / Chinese Rock 7' AUS Sire 1980 NPS, unique to AUS
Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant 7" AUS Wizard --/--
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Hong Kong Garden AUS Interfusion 1978 NPS
Stiffs - Goodbye My Love / Magic Roundabout 7" AUS Festival/Stiff 1981 NPS
  One of the rarest AUS punk/powerpop releases, took me years to find it, then two at once.
  Company sleeve. B is great poppunk.
Wasteland - Want Not 7" Ellie Jay 1979

Stalin - Dendou Kokeshi flexi Ing-O

Aussie presses of UK/US mod/powerpop bands - all in company sleeves and m-
The A's - Who's Gonna Save The World / Artificial Love 1979
Any Trouble - Trouble With Love / She'll Belong To Me 1981
Barracudas - Summer Fun / Campus Tramp 1980
Lambrettas - D-A-A-Nca / Can't You feel the Beat 1980
Lambrettas - Poison Ivy / Runaround 1980 
Lambrettas - Good Times / Lamba Samba 1981
Secret Affair - Do You Know / Dance Master 1981
Secret Affair - Lost In The Night / The Big Beat 1982

Going, going...:


Bodysnatchers - Frantic / Mystery 7" Savage 1979 vg+/vg++
	Great Brisbane lo-fi punk. Young Identities associated.
Buddies - Some Pop People / A Silly Song 7" Bestival 13291, 1981?   vg++
	The Wackley brothers post Razar do two great rudimentary powerpoppers.
	Highly recommended. Missing the very rudimentary insert sleeve which 
	I'll xerox. Did I mention how rudimentary this thing is?
Buddies - Some Pop People 7" 
	As above but I lined up a copy of the rare insert sleeve. vg/vg++
	Sticker stain and folds.
Cartoons - Watchout! Beware! / Feel My Heartbeat 7" Ready Steady 1980 vg/vg++
	Very nice modpop a la the Letters. I don't know anything about the 
	band, probably Sydney (maybe Canberra - one of them shares an unusual 
	surname with a member of the Tenants). Ring wear and sticker stains.
Critics - 1990 (WWIII) +2 7" Stormbird 1981 NPS m-
	I guess new wave/prog would be close, if that description doesn't 
	turn you off then you probably liked Bad Religion's Into The Unknown 
	and you might like this Newcastle obscurity.
Critics - Evelyn / Steelman 7" Angelwood 1982 NPS m-
	More rocky, the vocals still present a problem though.
Dance Set - Melody Smiles 7" AuGoGo 1981 vg++/vg++
	Pop classic, pre-Little Murders
Died Pretty - Caressing Swine 7" Sony vg++/vg++
	4 track ep featuring a great Prince cover (I kid you not). 
 	Rare 500 press from 1993.
Globes - The Girl With The Smiling Hair 7" Cordial Factory 1980 NPS/m-
	Good obscure powerpop. From Newcastle.
Go Betweens - Lee Remick / Karen 7" Able vg/g
	Vinyl is scuffed up.
Go Betweens - People Say / Don't Let Him Come Back 7" Able vg++/vg
	Vinyl is scuffed and noisy.
Grooveyard - Avalanche Of Love 7" Green, 1983 vg+/vg++ Ring impression
	Yet another in the catalogue of widely ignored but great Aussie 
Hard-Ons - Surfin On My Face 7" Vi-Nil insert m-/vg++ Their first, original.
Hitmen - Didn't Tell The Man / I Am The Man 7" WEA NPS vg++ and vg+ 
	Their first 7", a good one.
Illusions - Empire Builder / Summertime // Dreams / Illusions 7" Shark 1980 
	vg++/m- Obscure pop and powerpop from rural Victoria.
Inserts - Amateur Hour // White Reggae / Bad For Me 7" Vinyl V001, 1980 
	Original stamped sleeve. Wow! Excellent tough powerpop from Adelaide. 
	A-side is in the top ten Aussie powerpop tracks of the era. Small 
	tear on label. vg++/vg++
JFK & the Cuban Crisis - Am I Pagan 7" vg++/m-
	First 7", another pop classic, 1981.
Just Urbain - Burning 7" xerox/vg++ Original small press. A classic of
	Australian punk.
Just Urbain - Everybody Loves 7" Savage 1980 Their second 7" and another 
	fantastic punk rock record. Unplayed copy but the vinyl is slightly 
	marked. vg++ xerox sleeve and insert.
Just Urbain/Section Urbane - Final Program 7" xerox of insert sleeve/vg++
	As featured on Bloodstains Across Australia.
Klerks - I Need A Pardon / Love And Pain 7" ViNil 1983 m-/m- insert
Last Words - Animal World / Wondering Why 7" Remand 1978 NPS/vg++ 
	and another NPS/vg+, rare first issue.
Little Murders - She Lets Me Know / It's Over 7" AuGoGo 1981 vg++/m-
	Great pop (A) and punkpop (B). Melbourne mod band.
Makeshift - Love Is Everywhere / Joke 7" NRG 13037 vg+/vg+
	Good Sydney DIY punkpop, early 80s.
Marching Girls - True Love 7" Augogo 1979 vg++/m- great poppunk
Mystery Of Sixes - Skull In My Cave +3 7" Sundown 1983 vg+/m-
	Brisbane 83 rock/punk, good. Oversized sleeve, corners bent.
Numbers - Govt Boy 7" Local 1979 vg++/vg+ excellent punk/pop
Parameters - Pig City 7" vg++/m- Brisbane 1984 politico punk
Personnel - Never Be Your Man 7" Method 1980 vg/m-
	Excellent Jam-my mod. Nice copy but with a small sticker tear. 
Personnel - Never Be Your Man 7" Method 1980 vg+/m-
	Excellent Jam-my mod. Typical slight ringwear. 
Personnel - Never Be Your Man 7" Method 1980 vg++/m-
	Excellent Jam-my mod. Finally got a decent sleeve for this one.
 	Typical (very) slight ringwear. 
The Press - Fodder For The Critics LP Laser 1979 vg/m-, ringworn
	Mostly dull but two fantastic punk songs at the end of side 2. I've
	never seen a sleeve better than vg+ for this one
Progression Cult - New Blood 7" Method 82 vg+/vg++ Sydney punk 300 pressed
Radio Birdman - Alone In The Endzone 7" AUS WEA vg++/vg++
	Original 7" issued at the same time as the Living Eyes LP, great
	Deniz Tek with shotgun sleeve.
Razar - Task Force 7" yellow labels in sleeve vg/vg+ Oversized sleeve is
	worn at top and sleeve shows some wear, no tears. Vinyl scuffed.
Razor Gang - Neutron Bomb 7" Sydney 1982 vg+/vg++, vg/vg+ 
	Good raucous pop 7", Thin paper sleeve tends to come unglued.
Rejex - Niagara Baby / Who Wants To March 7" Doublethink vg++/m-, vg++/vg++
	Good Sydney punk from 1980/81.
Replicas - I Wanna Know The Truth 7" Replicas 1979 NPS/vg++
	Great DIY.
Ribcage Wrestlers - Are Playing 7" 1989/1984
	Marek's band from Adelaide. Hardcore. 200 pressed in 89.
Rude Band - I'm A Punk 7" Oz 1982 NPS vg++ punk novelty with proficient 
	musos playing a pretty good punk tune under "shock jock" Doug 
Saints/Stanley Frank split 7" Power Exchange 1977 vg+/m-
	Has I'm Stranded and No Time and two Stanley Frank tracks, Slight
	sticker hash
Scientists - Frantic Romantic / Shake (Together Tonight) 7" vg++/vg++
Scientists - Scientists LP EMI Custom original vg++/vg++
	Very nice copy, doesn't have the usual ringwear.
Seems Twice - Non-plussed 7" Doublethink vg++/m-
	Really fine artpunk, Wire fans take note.
Sekret Sekret - Charity 7" 1980 their first, post SPK (I guess the 
	musical half of that band), great powerpop, elaborate screenprinted 
	sleeve vg++/vg++
Sekret Sekret - New King Jack 7" Basilisk 002, 1980 vg+/vg++
	One of my favourite non-punk Australian 7"s, twisted pop 
Singles - Someone That I Knew 7" Basilisk 1980 Sydney mods vg+/vg
Slugfuckers - Instant Classic 7" Their first, damaged DIY/punk, kinda like 
	early PiL. Came in a variety of sleeve colours, I have for you:
	1. orange/brown: m-/m- one insert
	2. green and brown: m-/m- one insert 
Space Juniors - Chewin' 7" Sydney 1989 m-/m- Great trashy punk single.
Sputniks - Second Glance / Our Boys 7" Adelaide 1979 NPS/m-
	Sloppy poppunk. Great!
Sunnyboys first ep 7" Phantom 1980 vg+/vg++ minor ringwear. A classic.
Sunnyboys first ep 7" Phantom 1980 vg/vg minor ringwear but the sleeve is 
	plain enough that it's obvious. Skips on one song (most did, that's 
	why it was reissued on 12"), otherwise plays great.
Supernaut - Unemployed 7" NPS/vg++  company sleeve
	Great 1978 punk by Australia's premier glam band of the era.
Survivors - Baby Come Back 7" Real stamped sleeve vg+/m-
	Stamped sleeve and labels have some marks on them
Tactics - Standing By The Window 7" Folding Chair m-/m- lyric insert
Teenage Radio Stars - Sweet Boredom 7" Suicide 1978 NPS m-
Tenants - Don't Blame Me / $porting Life 7" Tenants 1979 NPS vg++
	Very obscure 7" from Canberra. The band were aligned with the punk
	scene down there. After many listens I can tell you this grows into a
	really good song, B-side is annoying though. 
Trans 262 - 7" ep 1982 vg++/m- Has the insert but it's torn.
	Good Iggy/Fun Things style punk from Sydney.
Victims - Television Addict vg/vg+
	Stamped sleeve, small stains and folds/creases, no tears
World War XXIV - Azaria / Y Bother 7" Eyebrow, 1983 vg++/m- lyric insert
 	The original xerox sleeve is stuck to the inside of a plastic sleeve.
	Uncomped so ignored. Your 
World War XXIV - self-titled LP Aberrant 1985 vg++/vg++
	A truly great punk LP. Absolutely ripping. Includes both sides of 
	their 1983 7" - Azaria and Y Bother.
X - I Don't Wanna Go Out 7" 1979 NPS vg++
XL Capris - My City Of Sydney / Dead Budgies 7" m-/vg++
Young Identities - New Trends 7" ep 1980 xerox sleeve/g
	Awesome Brisbane punk. Record has 1 cm crack through runin groove which
	plays with a slight click, the music all but drowns it out though.

MAGAZINE: Out Of The Unknown - alphabetical listing of Brisbane bands from
	1976-88. Lotsa photos, info etc. Newspaper style.
FANZINE: PULP #3/4: Melbourne 1978 dbl issue. Original but it's missing the
	back page (which was a readers poll) - I'll xerox this page. Sydney
	and Perth reports, Leftovers, Sex Pistols, Patti Smith, Survivors,
	Boys Next Door, more...


Chills - Pink Frost 7" 1984 Flying Nun vg+/vg++ Sublime pop record. Small
	tear on sleeve but not noticeable.
Various - AK79 LP Ripper 1979 vg+/vg++
	First press of 750 with inner sleeve (2nd press had an insert).
	Fantastic Auckland, NZ punk compilation.


Absentees - Tryin' To Mess With Me / FUM 7" UG vg++ Original
Action - Get Back To Me / Any Day Now 7" Radiogram 1978 Ohio vg+/vg++
	Pop. Autographed by member Michael Purkheiser (Lux Interior's bro')
Defex - Psycho Surfer / Machine Gun Love 7" m-
	Sleeve only.
Dead Boys - Tell Me +2 7" Sire vg++/vg++, cut tongue sleeve
Demics - Demics LP 1980 Intercan vg++/vg++ Canadian punk
Dogs - John Rock / Younger Point Of View 7" NPS/vg++
	Vinyl has some light marks but plays m-.
Fear - *uck Christmas 7" 1982 Slash vg++/vg++ 
	Stamped sleeve slight ruffling.
Flipper - Sex Bomb / Brainwash 7" Subterranean m-/m-
	Black vinyl in screenprinted fish sleeve.
Matt Grimm - Backstreet Boy 7" Excellent record from the leader of the 
	Grim/Klone Band, two of the tracks are KBD level. m-/m-
Kraut - Unemployed // Last Chance / Matinee 7" Cabbage K0002 1981
	Plus lyric insert. vg++/vg++ Sleeve unglued on one edge.
Lou Miami & The Kozmetix - Fascist Lover 7" 1982 vg+/vg
	A-side is KBD-level. Plastic carry bag sleeve has handle ripped, runin
	groove of record is chipped but plays fine (rest of vinyl is vg++).
No Fun - At The Disco 7" with business card vg++/vg++ glue marks
Parasites - Lost In The 80s 7" Electrified Hair 1987 m-/m-
	Their first, poppunk classic.
Pointed Sticks - Lies / Numb 7" Quintessance vg+/vg++ woc, wol (ex radio
		station) insert
Ramones - Sheena / I Don't Care 7" Philips 1977 Australian press NPS/m-
	One of the four sleeveless 7"s released in Australia
Really Red - Crowd Control / Corporate Settings 7" CIA 1979 m-
	First single, 250 press, no sleeve issued.
Really Red - New Strings For Old Puppets 7" m-/m-


Damned - Neat Neat Neat // Stab Your Back / Singalongascabies 7" 
	Stiff/Festival original 1977 Australian press. Rare. NPS/vg++
Damned - Damned Damned Damned LP Japan with obi
FU2 - Depressions LP --/-- Australian press, ask for condition.
Outcasts - Self Concious Over You LP (Good Vibrations) vg++/vg++
Skrewdriver- Antisocial / Breakdown 7" Chiswick vg++/vg++
Soup Dragons - Whole Wide World 7" Subway vg++/m- orange sleeve
	Great Buzzcocks rip from 1986, just to prove the entire 
	British Isles hasn't been hibernating since 1980
Undertones - Teenage Kicks +3 7" Good Vibrations original vg+/vg++
	Mild wear and folding of edges of sleeve. White sleeve.
Vacants - Worthless Trash LP 1977 Aussie press --/--
	Vacants is a good punk/garage LP. Ask for condition.


Rude Kids - Safe Society LP SWE Polydor vg++/vg++
	Sleeve shows some aging but is fully intact and looks fine.
	Great record. Missing the inner sleeve.
Speedtwins - It's More Fun To Compete LP Universe vg+/vg++ 
	Yellow sleeve, poster
Too Much - Silex Pistols / Photo Photo 7" FR EMI-Pathe 1978 vg+/vg++
	Photo Photo is great Belgian punk. Small sticker tear


Lee Renaldo - Song For Geraldine 7" polycarbonate m-/m-
Chants R&B - Live LP 2000 issue of great 1966 live show.
Grading info
m is reserved for unplayed records or unnaturally perfect sleeves
m- refers to sleeves or vinyl in unblemished condition
vg++ refers to sleeves that have no major defects (ie rips or tears or visible ring wear), it may include slight ruffling of the sleeve, slight sticker stain, slight raising of the sleeves due to ring impression, for vinyl the record is clean, maybe a light scuff or two
vg+: one or two more noticeable defects - what they are will be noted, or if not it means the sleeve is somewhat overall degraded, without it being one particular defect, a structurally perfect sleeve with some writing on it will usually be graded vg+, vinyl will have some scuffing
vg: sleeve has some defacing defect, ugly sticker mark, more than one tear, strong ring wear or some combination of other defects, vinyl has general scuffing or one or two noticeably larger marks
g: we're still talking "good" condition remember - sleeve has some ugly defect or is worn all over, vinyl will generally be noisy
b: anything else is in "bad" condition, only for the ultrararities

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