"Where'd You Find That?!": An Illustrated Discography of the (Almost) Unique

Adrenalin O.D. - Let's Barbeque 7" rejected test press

As stated on the handwritten innersleeve, this the

Test pressing of unreleased mix of...
"Let's Barbeque with Adrenalin O.D."
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According to drummer Dave Scott, who originally owned this copy, the singer gave the pressing plant the wrong reel the first time around. Matrix etchings are 2374-A and 2374-B versus 2374-A1 and 2374-B1 on the final product. Labels are plain orange instead of black type on white. It's a louder and rawer (and to these ears, better) mix than what was finally pressed, but the differences are subtle enough to make one wonder why the band rejected it. It comes in a first press sleeve (red lettering instead of blue, hand-correction to "Old People Talk Loud" song title on back, and handwritten message inside, which in this case is "Can you say I'll miss M.A.S.H. 5x really fast?"). Only 4 copies pressed.



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