"Where'd You Find That?!": An Illustrated Discography of the (Almost) Unique

Fear - I Love Livin in the City / Now You're Dead 7" autographed test presses

Check out Lee Ving's inscription on this first copy. This must have been autographed when the Eat was the #1 want list item. Criminal Records, 1978. Scanned by Ben Shupe.

Ryan Richardson adds:

I had Lee Ving sign the sleeve for that fear test press with "Who needs Communist Radio when you have Fear" because Ben traded me Communist Radio for that test press. Furthermore, the test press was smashed by the USPS in transit to Shupe, and I wound up buying Ving's personal copy of the test press in order to make good on the trade.

Another copy showed up on eBay, April 2001. The auction description:

FEAR - "I Love Livin' in the City / Now Your Dead" 7". TEST PRESSING. 1978 Criminal Records. Signed by LEE VING "Merry Christmas 1998, LEE VING". Etched on side A is "LJ-101-A". Etched on side B is "LJ-101-B" and "QT-2".

This is it Guys. The ultimate FEAR record. The ultimate PUNK record! The regular version of this 7" was only pressed 200 to 500 times. This is an authentic Test Pressing. If any others even exist, I doubt they will ever be offered for sale again. Just think of how excellent this would looked framed amongst all your vintage Alice Cooper records! haha.

The 7" is in Primo condition. I found one small scratch on the perimeter. Otherwise it is Solid Mint! It's not like your going to find one in better condition. This is a one of a kind piece. I guarantee the authenticity of this piece. It was recieved from someone whom I know to be a "close personal friend of LEE VING"!

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