"Where'd You Find That?!": An Illustrated Discography of the (Almost) Unique

Freeze - I Hate Tourists 7" band-modified sleeve (Rebel Records, 1980)

Extensively hand decorated/modified by lead singer Clif Hangar.

Got this while on a surf trip up to Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz. I ended up trading a gatefold Runaways lp (with full color inserts) for both the Freeze 7" and the Gentlemen Of Horror 7". God bless Joan Jett, the patron saint of punk rock!

- Roger Mah Archives, Santa Monica California


And an autographed test press:

Sold on eBay, May-June, 2001. The auction description:

YES THIS IS AUTHENTIC AND ORIGINAL !! ONE OF 3 KNOWN TO EXSIST !! This is the Killed By Death #2 Classic. "I Hate Tourist" b/w "Don't Forget Me Tommy" Released in 1980 on the Freeze's own Rebel Records..Comes with Plain white sleeve signed at the time by the Band that did the recording, and has been in Lead Singer Cliff Croce's Collection ever since (that is till now). This is a TRUE piece of Punk Rock History and PLEASE NOTE THIS IS THE LAST TEST PRESSING KNOWN TO EXIST AND NO OTHERS WILL PROLLY SURFACE ON EBAY FOR A LONG LONG TIME!!!!! A must for KBD Collectors!! Vinyl is VG++ with many light surface marks in the dead wax trail off.. that DO NOT effect play, The Labels are plain white with the songs and date written on both sides (the ink has run a little) along with "Test Press" written in pen on one side...The Plain white sleeve shows some creasing but is not ripped or split and as said above has the bands signatures on it in black pen...


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