"Where'd You Find That?!": An Illustrated Discography of the (Almost) Unique

Black Market Baby 7" test presses

Since it has no sleeve and the typical DC scene United Record Pressing labels, it's not much to look at, but this is one of the most infamous and desirable punk test presses, Black Market Baby's "Crimes of Passion / America's Youth". Recorded in 1980, this was intended to be their second single, but never made it past the test press stage. A 500-press reissue on 007 Records circa 2000 added to the legend. There's lots more info on the insert that came with that release which I will not repeat here, but it claims 6 known copies. It's unknown if the example below, with label autographed by guitarist Keith Campbell, is part of the 6 or a previously unknown 7th copy. More info at the :30 Under DC Discography.

Crimes of Passion / America's Youth test press

Probably a bit easier to find, here's the test press of the band's first single, "Potential Suicide / Youth Crimes" (Limp Records, 1982) in original sleeve and again autographed by Keith Campbell.

Potential Suicide / Youth Crimes test press

And finally, another copy of the above, but in an alternate pre-release picture sleeve. Other records on Limp, such as at least one of the Nurses singles, have similar pre-release sleeves.

Potential Suicide / Youth Crimes test press - alt ps

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