"Where'd You Find That?!": An Illustrated Discography of the (Almost) Unique

Minor Threat - Out of Step 12" test presses

The best known, and most sought after, test press in the Dischord catalog is Minor Threat's "Out of Step" with hand silk-screened cover that was made for the 2nd (re-mixed) pressing. It's also probably the most common early test press on the label. Somewhere between 50 and 75 were pressed, with only 25 (or 35 according to another source) having the sleeve. Others have a xerox cover, or just come in a generic white sleeve.

2nd press - silkscreen

2nd press - xerox

First press (original mix) test presses can be identified by the 14410 code assigned by Nashville Record Pressing as written on the labels and scratched into the dead wax. Here's one that Yesterday & Today Records sold without a sleeve on eBay, November 2000. The auction description:

Just one of hundreds of items from the collection of DON ZIENTARA. Test pressing of the original mix (the one issued on the black back cover version of the LP). Record is in 8 1/2 to 9 out of 10 condition, Don's orginal hand-written titles are on the labels of each side. What can I say except this was the first step to a classic!!

1st press - no sleeve

These first press tests are more commonly found as radio promos with a photocopied flyer attached to the innersleeve and mockup labels pasted on top of the stardard NRP test press labels (which fall off when the glue fails over time). This particular example came from WDFM at Penn State, which in the early 80s was a typical college radio station playing punk rock and other non-mainstream music. Not long after this Minor Threat test press was received, that station switched to an NPR format and the DJs were told they could take any records home since they wouldn't be needed anymore. The DJ who was smart enough to grab it then sold it about 20 years later and this copy is now owned by a major collector of Dischord test pressings.

1st press - radio

And finally, not a test press, but a first-pressing black back cover fully autographed. This was originally owned by Michael Salkind, drummer for DC hardcore band "No Trend" and longtime 9:30 Club DJ.

1st press - autographed

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