"Where'd You Find That?!": An Illustrated Discography of the (Almost) Unique

Injections - Prison Walls / Lies 7" rare sleeves

Here are the fronts and backs of two of the few known original sleeves for the Injections "Prison Walls" 7in. (Radioactive Records, 1980). The sleeves themselves are in two pieces and are no-talent, no-effort photocopies. The "Last Print" one came from the singer Lou Skum while the "British Import" one was found in a San Diego record store. The guy behind the Radioactive label has been floating around some fresh-from-Kinko's imposters recently (with the artwork the label apparently planned). Caveat emptor. The other scan is of an original Injections set list... unfortunately, they weren't playing their "hits" that evening.

- Ryan Richardson

"Last Print":

"British Import":

Set List:

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Last Updated: 14 February 2001