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Boys From Nowhere/Two Hour Trip 7"
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments/Monster Truck Five 7"
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - Career Interruption Code 7"
Girly Machine/Pica Huss 7"
Big Red Sun 7"
New Bomb Turks/Gaunt 7"
Greenhorn - The Progress/A Bit of Real Sadness 7"
Gaunt - Fielder's Choice 7"
New Bomb Turks - So Cool So Clean... 7"
Blue - King Faggot Man 7"
Girly Machine 7"
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - You Can't Kill Stupid 12"
Various Artists - Bumped by Karaoke CD
Various Artists - Ubu Dance Party 2XCD
(Anyway Co-Release) Gaunt - Jim Motherfucker 7"
(Anyway Co-Release) Greenhorn - Conversations With Myself/Callous 7"
(Anyway Co-Release) Various Artists - Cowtown Vol. 1 7"
(Related Release) Various Artists - Shave the Baby CD
(Related Release) Various Artists - Sound of Poverty CD
(Related Release) TJSA - You Lookin' For Treble? CD

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